Introduction to automated Forex trading via ROFX robot

It is a well-known fact that trading the Forex market involves a lot of risks. There is a rule known as 90/90/90. What this rule essentially means is that 90% of all the novice Forex traders lose almost 90% of their profits in the first 90 days of their journey in the market. Even if we consider experienced traders with a vast knowledge of the Forex market, they also tend to fail a lot of times. Not being able to control their emotions could be the primary reason for their failure.

Forex expert advisors (EAs) do have the potential to solve all of these problems. What essentially an EA does is that it trades on your behalf. It takes many expert technical traders and programmers to build an effective EA. These traders use their years of experience to make sure the EA is completely equipped. Once the development of the EA is completed, it will be able to do all the trading activities just like a human, if not better.

However, one should be very careful while choosing an expert advisor. A sophisticated tool should be picked as it is a great responsibility to speculate and trade the ever-changing Forex market. In this article today, let’s review one such forex robot – ROFX.

ROFX Overview

This company was incorporated by a team of software developers and professional forex traders in 2009. For the entire first year since its inception, this bot has been tested rigorously using the company’s funds alone. After analyzing the data in 2010, the team realized the potential of this bot and opened its services to the public.

The unique selling proposition that separates RoFX from the other EAs out there is the artificial intelligence used behind the building of this bot. Any typical EA will be armed with a code set, and depending on that code alone, the automated trading happens. But RoFX is equipped with a self-learning neural network, and this allows the code to improve constantly. That is, the way RoFX bot trades now is much better than how it used to trade previously. Apart from this, the trading experts in the RoFX team train the bot constantly to improve its performance.

Why should you consider RoFX?

Below are a few of the areas where we believe RoFX has a strong competitive advantage over other Expert Advisors in the market.

No need for previous trading experience

RoFX bot is designed in such a way that it caters to both novice and experienced traders. If you are a trader with no previous experience in financial markets at all, RoFX could be the expert advisor you are looking for. All you have to do is to open a virtual account with a Forex trading company hosted on RoFX servers. Once that is done, RoFX bot will trade on its own without any human interference.

However, traders get to supervise the software and learn more about where the market opportunities are and how the bot has taken advantage of them to accumulate profits. This gives the RoFX users a new insight on how to look at the markets and become a better trader. Also, setting up any typical expert advisor involves a lengthy process of downloading and installing hefty software. With RoFX, all of these don’t even exist as all the trades are analyzed and executed within the company servers.

ROFX Account Information

The revolutionary power of AI and machine learning

Unlike most of the semi-automated systems in the market, RoFX is completely autonomous & evolving. The bot works throughout the day and ensures to reap maximum profitability for its investors. The secret sauce behind this is the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that are embedded in the RoFX system’s root directory. These advanced algorithms continuously analyze the current market events, conduct research on its own, and predict their impact on the market.

Depending on those predictions, the bot makes informed trading decisions and does necessary adjustments to the existing trades. This is not the case with most of the EAs and trading companies. They typically have a set of experienced traders who spend hundreds of hours analyzing the historical data and comparing it to the current events. There is also a risk of human error while analyzing the market. The RoFX system eliminates all of these cons by automating the entire trading process.

rofx ai power

We all know that data is the new oil. The amount of data that appears online is growing exponentially. That includes data from the Forex and other financial markets. RoFX team makes sure that its EA is constantly fed with the information related to liquidity providers, brokers, and even online media. This allows the bot to trade more effectively than any of the EAs out there. Although the RoFX bot went profitable in 2010, the team is still improving the system to analyze more data and perform better. This explains why there are no signs of slowing down for this company.

Loss coverage guarantee

Many EAs in the market promise excellent results on their websites. But none of them are actually true when it comes to reality. If you pick any of those scam EAs, there is a risk of losing your capital in very few days. But that can never happen with RoFX as this company guarantees complete loss coverage. In other words, the company makes sure to refund the losses generated by their trading bot.

The RoFX Company also has a special reserve fund to cover any of the losses incurred. Considering the size of their customer base and the number of trades the RoFX bot takes per day, this promise looks surprising, isn’t it? But this explains the confidence they have on the product that they offer and the utmost care they take for their client funds.

It is crucial to note that the RoFX Company doesn’t use leverage. This displays the low-risk investment policy they stick to. Other critical risk management practices like a steady stop-loss system are followed to potentially save the company and the investors’ money in case of volatile market swings.

Ranks highly compared to other automated bitcoin traders

For crypto traders and investors who are worried about the risks involved in this space, RoFX could be their go-to option. After the massive success in generating great profits for their Forex users, RoFX has extended its EA services to the crypto market as well. This company has found a way to infuse and automate Bitcoin trade on their platform. The bot works similarly to how it does in the Forex market. The price analysis and trade execution of Bitcoin is completely automated too.

RoFX has always been that company which is crypto-friendly. Maintaining the anonymity of user profits, stable and high-income on a daily basis, and acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method (for both deposit & withdrawal) explain the same. So, if you are a crypto enthusiast but are worried about the enormous volatility and security of the funds, etc., RoFX could be your potential solution.

Trading statistics and profitability

There is a portal to track the trading performance of any individual or a company, known as Myfxbook. It is an online analytical tool that is completely automated. With the help of this portal the public gets to analyze and compare the trading activity of any trading account. If a company that is offering EA services shares their past performance in this platform, the reliability, and credibility of that company increase.

The trading performance of RoFX bot can be found on the Rofx Myfxbook page. By visiting this portal, the entire history of the trades taken by the EA can be found using which one can evaluate its performance. The number of open trades at any particular time can also be accessed using this portal.

RoFX Company does not disclose their trading strategy just like other EAs in the market. But after analyzing the trading activity of this system, we have found that two major Forex currency pairs are in play – GBP/USD & EUR/USD. This trading bot has brought almost 1.4 million pips on each of these pairs to investors’ pockets. These include long and short trades with over 80% win rate, which is impressive.

rofx myfxbook trading statistics

We have reviewed the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly records of RoFX bot’s performance. The average daily profits are ranging from 0.25-0.38% with a minimum of 8-10% increase in account size per month. These figures are impressive, considering the number of clients this company serves.

In the below image, we can observe the commendable percentage gain (474%) figures.

rofx myfxbook tradin results chart

In the below snapshot, we can see various trading statistics related to the RoFX bot. Things like total trades taken, average wins, profitability percentage can be found.

rofx myfxbook advanced trading statistics

Any professional technical trader will definitely be impressed with the drawdown % of the RoFX bot. Drawdown essentially means the reduction of a trader’s capital after a series of losing trades. For RoFX, it is a mere 0.09% in the month of May, which is negligible. It is important to note that in a few of the months, this percentage was as low as 0.01%. It is almost impossible for any professional trader to maintain this level of drawdown percentage.

rofx myfxbook low drawdowns chart

In the below image, we can see that the bot has ended up only once on the losing side in the month of June 2020.

rofx daily gains statistics for June 2020

The impressive profit percentages generated by the RoFX bot over the years can be found in the below image.

rofx profit by year performance chart 2009-2020

User-friendly interface that supports multiple funding sources

We found both the UI and UX of the RoFX system to be great. Although you don’t have to interact with the system while it trades, user-friendliness is important, especially when they are serving absolute novice traders. Users of RoFX do not need any special computer or trading skills to use their services. The funding and withdrawal process is also pretty straightforward.

Positive customer feedback

RoFX has been one of the most preferred trading bots in recent times. By looking at the ROI, it is clear that this company has numerous happy customers. Below are some of the reviews of RoFX customers to prove the same.

rofx reviews from customers (mostly positive)

Free withdrawals

RoFX Company does not impose any fee while the customers withdraw their profits earned. This is applicable for any amount of money withdrawn. USD, EUR, and BTC are the primary ways through which clients can withdraw their funds. RoFX offers one of the best BTC prices we have seen in the market.

Well curated packages

One of the features that differentiate RoFX from other EA companies is the segregation of packages. This company offers six different packages for its clients, and these are designed based on the user capital size. All of these package details can be found here.

rofx classic packages

In the above picture, all the six packages of RoFX are mentioned along with the corresponding details. The VIP PAMM account service of RoFX needs a special mention here. This service allows users to open an account with the broker of their choice. Users of this account will have total control over their assets. That is, they get to deposit and withdraw funds as per their convenience.

Each of the accounts mentioned in the above picture has a specific lock-in period for capital. This capital, along with the profits generated, can only be withdrawn after the lock-in period gets over. For the users who prefer to withdraw their funds at their convenience, RoFX has a different set of no-lock packages. You must know that the performance fee charged in these no lock packages are comparatively high to the traditional packages.

rofx no-lock packages

Apart from the two types mentioned above, there is also an ‘Advance Compound’ account type. Users of these accounts get to pay the least performance fee compared to the other two. However, the lock-in period in this account type is fixed to 270 days. Other specifications can be found in the image below.

rofx advanced compound packages

Relatively expensive

The performance fee charged by RoFX ranges from 15 to 60%. This might seem high compared to the other typical expert advisors in the market. But when we look at the company’s history, the number of satisfied customers they have, and the amazing team behind it, the fee charged can be understandable. We can say the price is worth it as the company is ready to cover the losses incurred by their bot.


RoFX is one of the finest expert advisors we have come across in the market. Their artificial intelligence and self-learning neural network technology are one of the first in the industry. The ability to serve both novice and experienced consumers is also an appreciable part of this company. Also, RoFX offers 24/7 support for its customers, which is commendable. Finally, we would definitely recommend this EA to anyone who is planning to invest in the Forex and Crypto market irrespective of their trading experience. Cheers!

Final verdict
Trading Results
Client feedback
Customer support


  • 10 years on the market
  • High profitability
  • Easy start
  • Multiple packages
  • Bitcoin transfers
  • Fee-free withdrawal
  • Reserve fund
  • 24/7 support

  • High minimum deposit
  • Performance fee depending on package

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Final verdict fulfills most of the features of an ideal forex trading company. Some of its key strengths include having a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require trading experience to control, the adoption of bitcoin trade on its platform, infusion of AI and machine learning capabilities that help it achieve full automation, and the attractive profit margins that aren’t subjected to such unnecessary charges as withdrawal fees. The fact it is one of a handful of systems that exploit the power of automation fully makes it a valuable tool for every trader regardless of their industry experience. I, therefore, would gladly recommend it to anyone wishing to make an entry into the forex industry or diversify their investment portfolio.

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  1. Hi there! I want to subscribe for 30 days trial package but still not sure about reliability. I’m looking for people who are using this service. How long does it take to withdraw my money and % after the end of the trial? There’s no any problems?

    1. Invested 0.17 bitcoin, and profited. I was concerned that I would have trouble taking out my profit, but it was ok, just sent it to my own wallet after the 30 trading days.

    2. I’ve started with the Trial and now am using the Gold package. Everything is fine about profits but it’s very bad that money was frozen for 270 days. I had a case that urgently needed money, and I couldn’t withdraw without losses.

      1. This thing was also very annoying for me, but in May Rofx opened a lock-no limit package in which all your funds are available for withdrawal at any time. I used it and now I’m not worried.

        1. Yes, I’ve started with Gold and then also changed to VIP “lock-no limit”.
          You just forgot to mention that there is less profit percentage in this case.

      2. Rofx doesn’t freeze your money, you can terminate the contract ahead of schedule but then there will be penalties in the form of 35%. It’s written in terms&conditions.

  2. hey, i’ve deposited $1000 about 5 months ago for the first time and have been able to withdraw my money within 2 days… was experiencing some transfer issues but their support team helped me quickly. really nice people! just signed up for the moneymaker package. $500 monthly for $10000 270 days deposit is a great deal I think 😉

  3. 6 month
    I opened an account for myself with 5 Bitcoins and for my wife and kids one of 2.5 bitcoins
    We have withdrawed part of the profit and reinvested the rest of the profit.
    month later I have 9.2 BTC’s and the rest of the family are above 5 BTC’s so we are all VIP investors now.
    We withdraw from time to time, and usualy it is on the wallet the same day !
    untill now seems sollid and stable !

  4. Is it possible to make a deposit with cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin? like eth or ripple

    1. Rofx robot trades in such positions as BTC, currency pairs, and shares of companies. Talking about cryptocurrencies, at this moment you can fund and withdraw in BTC only.

  5. IDK, but performance fee looks so high, doesn’t it?

    1. I run PAMM accounts for over five years, and almost always solid and smooth traded traders charge a 50%+ fee. It’s almost impossible to find a good and well-rated trader who’d like to make money for you for 10% of the profit.

      1. Hi,
        Is it possible to earn a fulltime income gradually with ROFX? Also with the performance fee is that take off when getting a profit or only monthly and or on withdrawal?

  6. I heard about account balance protection. Can anyone explain how that works with Rofx?

    1. Hey. The balance protection of Rofx works just like an insurance. They are so confident on their trading robot that they do cover for the trades you have lost with their company reserve funds.

  7. How much price ROFX EA

    1. See

  8. I find Rofx to be a decent investment. I have been trading only from the past 8 months and my first 5 months are disaster. Then after a research I found Rofx and now I see only positive results. Good Stuff for beginners.

  9. Signed up two weeks ago and already loving the way Rofx work. I hardly have to do anything. The complete automation of the trading bot is well designed and one of the best in the market I have seen so far.

  10. Is Rofx legit?

    1. Being a user for the past 3 years, I can say that this bot is credible and reliable. All of their trades are published on myfxbook and it have 30k plus customes globally. I don’t think a fake bot can accomplish all these.

  11. My biggest complaint with the trading bots are that they are saturated and have limited scope. Every bot will have a set of rules and it can’t do anything more than just following those rules. But Rofx is an ever evolving platform because of the self learning capabilities it has. Full marks for that!

  12. Keep up all the great work Rofx team. This is the best Forex bot I have used till date. Easy navigation, friendly customer support, minimal requirements and less confusion. It just gets the work done without a lot of fuss.

  13. is there any way to generate more profits per day with Rofx?

    1. The best way to generate more profits with Rofx is to upgrade your package

  14. I’ve been looking to use ROFX, just been doing research (such as reading reviews like this). I really haven’t come across any red flag comments about them. Closest to a negative comment I’ve seen is the history of company claim vs. verifiable trading time. But nothing that worried me to much. However the review above mentions you can use Visa/Mastercard. Which is not correct in my research. My only options for funding a package are wire transfer, ach bank transfer or bitcoin.

  15. The Rofx official website claims that their bot has never generated a loss since 2010. Is it true?

    1. I’m not sure about the overall picture. But I have never incurred a loss while trading with this bot from the past 8 months.

  16. I closely monitored results on the ROFX forex robot for around 6 months before deciding to take a bite. During the 6 months waiting period, I sat on the sidelines and watched profits accumulate on my close pals trading account. Well, let’s say he has always wanted me to be part of the ROFX team and I was skeptical about it all through the pperiod, not until I started taking notes of his performance report on his real-time trading activities that I had a 360 degrees change on mind. I grew interested as the days went by, and I finally made that decision 6 months after. I started off with a sizeable account and I wasn’t in anyway disappointed with the results I was getting.
    Looking at ROFX, I’m guessing the company makes money from its performance fee. I’m curious about this because most times we have seen financial service provide who turned rogue on clients funds and no one wants to be caught in such a mess., this is why I make it a priority to investigate how any firm I’m into tend to generate their running cost. Traders are charged a certain fraction of the profits that the ROFX robot generates. The more your minimum investment, the less performance fee you’ll be required to pay.

  17. What is Rofx VIP conference and what should I know about it?

  18. I am a ROFX customer for a year now and am comfortable with the risk swap.

    I am confident in their robot and their steady and solid returns. Although not exorbitant returns, the numbers add up. My concerns are only with the groups longevity. My funds are not in my own account and they manage everything as a subscription.

    Their site is basic, but does the job. Glad I found something so consistent.

  19. In the beginning, I hardly believed in any EA company as I see there are many scammers in this area. So when I have come across RoFx, I thought it is a scam too. But after reading the reviews online and checking their MyFxBook results, I signed up with them and it is definitely a good decision.

  20. Tha drawdown percentage of the RoFx bot speaks volumes. There are hardly any bots in the market with drawdowns as low as 0.35%. Being a customer of RoFx from the past 3 years, I can say that they offer best EA services in the market.

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