Real trading results are important for us, so we are ready to publish online statistics of profitable trading robots designed to make money on the Forex market online. This is a handy tool for users who prefer automated trading.

Best Forex Robots table is regularly updated and completed with new Forex EAs, software & platforms. Therefore, if you do not want to miss anything – add the page to your bookmarks and from time to time come back here for new information. Good luck 🙂

Forex Robot Trading Account Started Deposit Profit Chart
1 ROFX | Review Real [Myfxbook] Jul 30, 2018 $10000000 $63735526
2 FXCharger | Review Real [Myfxbook] Mar 09, 2016 $2000 $38254
3 Forex Fury | Review Real [Myfxbook] Oct 03, 2017 $30000 $15792
4 inControl Reborn | Review Real [Myfxbook] Feb 12, 2018 $1000 $8672
5 The Skilled Trader | Review Real [Myfxbook] Oct 16, 2019 $5000 $7555
6 FXRapidEA | Review Real [Myfxbook] Jul 21, 2020 $2000 $3422
7 FXHelix | Review Real [Myfxbook] Jul 02, 2018 $2100 $18167
8 WallStreet 2.0 | Review Real [Myfxbook] May 22, 2018 $2200 $5657
9 FXStabilizer | Review Real [Myfxbook] Apr 04, 2016 $500 $9889
10 GPS Forex Robot | Review Real [Myfxbook] Oct 08, 2019 $50000 $116141

1)    Random robots that have just appeared and have not proved their effectiveness are not added to the table. Therefore, you will only work with proven algorithms and get more chances for a positive result. We believe that a quality best forex robot should be tested by time – this is the main factor that is taken into account before including the program in the overall rating.

2)    In the table, you will see the indicators of all trading advisors who have worked for several months or years. This will help you to understand which of the robots is the safest or which program you need to connect for aggressive trading and getting quick results. For the convenience of search, you can use a filter that will sort the algorithms according to the following criteria: drawdown, initial deposit, number of days worked and total profit. The better the ratio of these indicators, the greater the assessment assigned to the robot in the overall rating. For clarity, you will see a graph giving a visual assessment of the performance of each robot.

3)    If in the process of studying a trading robot, any questions arise or the published information is not enough, then you can click on the additional link and see a detailed overview of the program you like. In the review, you will find trading account statements and a link to the official website, where developers add all the available data.

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