Happy Forex assures consistent profits and low risk with its grid approach. As per the vendor, the settings and options in the software apply to all currency pairs. This FX robot works on the MT4 platform and can work 24/7 identifying accurate trades effectively. The vendor claims that setting up this expert advisor is easy. 

Product offering

The website is well-designed with the description, features, trading stats, and other info available on a single page. Info on the security settings and updates done to the system are provided on the official site. 

Happy Forex group is the company that develops this FX EA and various other EAs and indicators. We could not find much info on the company other than the domain copyright that is provided from 2016 to 2022. For support, the vendor provides a live chat window, email, TeamViewer, and AnyDesk. An FAQ section is present to answer common queries of customers. 

Happy Forex

Type Fully-automated EA
Price €299(2 licenses) /€499 (5 licenses)
Strategy Grid
Compatible Platforms MT4
Timeframe H1
Recommended Min. Deposit $200 -$1000
Recommended Deposit N/A
Leverage Up to 1:500

This FX robot is available for €299 (2 licenses). The package includes a total of 10 EAs of the company inclusive of Happy Forex EA. Further, the vendor also provides a 30% discount and a free indicator. A user guide, unlimited number of demo accounts, free updates, free upgrades, and a 30-day money-back guarantee are present.

Trading strategy

From the info provided by the vendor, we find that FX EA uses the grid approach.  The reinsurance positions are held without increasing the lots. Technical analysis is also used by the FX robot to ensure safe entries. A news filter feature is present. This EA is compatible with any brokers having a maximum of 4 spreads. Some of the key features and recommendations include:

  • A time frame of H1 is used
  • The GBPUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, and EURCHF are the currency pairs the EA works on
  • The minimal deposit required is based on the type of settings you choose. 

There are three settings available as shown below.

For Setting 1 (GBPUSD or AUDUSD (H1)

  • Micro account (0.05 lot size):  $1000 is recommended
  • Mini account (0.5 lot size): $10.000 is recommended
  • Standard account (5 lot size): $100.000 is recommended

For setting 2 (GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD (H1)

  • Micro account (0.01 lot size):  $200 is recommended
  • Mini account (0.1 lot size): $2.000 is recommended
  • Standard account (1 lot size): $20.000 is recommended

For Setting 3 (EURCHF, AUDUSD (H1)

  • Micro account (0.01 lot size):  $1000 is recommended
  • For a mini account (0.1 lot size): $10.000 is recommended
  • For standard account (1 lot size): $100.000 is recommended

Trading results

Backtesting result of Happy Forex on the official site.

A few backtests are present on the official site. One of them is shown above. From the results, we can see the test was conducted on the GBPUSD pair from 1999 to 2010. For a deposit of 1000, the account had generated a total net profit of 41677. A total of 6631 trades were executed with 74.54% profitability and a profit factor of 2.59. The maximum drawdown was 13.53%. From the results, we can see the profit factor is high and drawdown is low indicating a low-risk approach.

Real-time trading results verified by the myfxbook site are present for this FX EA. Here are a few screenshots of the results.

Growth curve of Happy Forex on the Myfxbook site.

Trading stats of Happy Forex on the Myfxbook site.

From the above stats, we can see the account that started in June 2021 has made a total profit of 32.85% and an absolute profit of 21.90%. The difference between the two values may be due to the withdrawals made from the account. Other stats include a daily profit of 0.11% and a monthly profit of 3.45%. The drawdown is 18.71%. A total of 154 trades have been completed with 68% profitability and a profit factor of 2.29. The lot size of 0.01 is used for the trades. From the results, it is clear that the risk used is not high and decent profits are possible with the system.

Customer reviews

We found 13 reviews for the company on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 4.5/5. Here are a few of the feedback:

User review for Happy Forex on the Trustpilot site.

User review for Happy Forex on the Trustpilot site.

From the testimonials, we find that the EAs of the company work well and can be used by beginner traders. Another user states that the product is stable and provides outstanding results.

Fully automated software
Verified trading results
Money-back guarantee
Lack of vendor info
Happy Forex claims to provide consistent returns with minimum risk. Our evaluation of the real trading results shows a low drawdown that proves the claims of the vendor are true. Other upsides of the system include a verified track record, refund policy, and positive reviews. Besides the minor hitch of insufficient vendor info, this system has great features that make it a favorable FX robot.

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