We respect our users’ privacy and data security, so we engage in stringent practices to ensure that protection is always maintained across all channels. We gather and make use of information only when it is required and relevant for genuine business needs. Any data collected is obtained through secure gateways, and safety is reserved to provide our users with a better online experience. To facilitate a better understanding, we have carefully constructed the clauses of our privacy policy below. These outline our practices in light of how we regulate the data collected to ensure the respect of individual rights and personal information protection.


Here we appraise the trust that users bestow upon us and we are devoted towards guarding their privacy. We are aware that we can be held accountable for how we safeguard the data that is provided by the users. To ensure this, we have appointed a privacy officer who is liable and manages the compliance of the privacy policy of the website. The designated officer is also the primary source of contact in case of any issues or queries.

Reasons for data collection:

We make sure that the personal data is only being used for the reasons it was collected. To adhere to everything ordained by the policy, we document the reason for data collection before or at the time of collecting data. It is also guaranteed that these purposes are only confined to proper business operations and nothing more.


For you to be a part of our mailing list, it is essential for us first to get your consent for it. We will obtain your consent by using the feature of double opt-in. This is done to get your approval to be a member of our mailing list (only if you wish).

Limiting collection:

Apart from guaranteeing that the information collected will be solely used for legal business purposes, we also show abidance to the required limit. No one will be asked for sensitive personal information, and you shouldn’t share such information with anyone.


Your personal information will be beneficial for us if it is authentic, complete, and updated. Thus, top-notch data collection methods are used to ensure the accuracy of the information.


Our policies and practices represent the clarity of the procedure is used to collect and manage the data. We don’t hesitate to provide the soft copy or printed versions of this policy to anyone.

Limiting use and disclosure:

We assure you that not even a bit of the personal information obtained will not be disclosed to anyone except for the purposes it was gathered. But when we are asked by any legal authority for data disclosure, then we will be bound to do so under legislation’s principles. 


From active SSL requirements to secure gateways, we have enabled and made use of all precautionary techniques and tools to certify personal information protection. In case of the latter’s disposal – such that the information becomes unnecessary – we delete and remove the data through safeguarded electronic means.

User access:

You can access and view your personal information according to your needs and even request changes that will be promptly adjusted.

Challenging compliance to the policy:

In case of any complaints or inquiries about the clauses contained herein, you can contact us at [email protected] and expect a response shortly.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to ask us any questions about the information provided above. We value your concerns and strive to answer any queries you have for us.