Trading of commodity futures, commission futures, and options have enormous possible benefits and remuneration, yet the risks are also hefty. Before making any decision about trading or investing in futures or options, the investor/trader should take into account the risk associated with the opportunity. No one should invest the savings in futures or options against which they can’t bear the loss as chances of earning profits and incurring loss are almost equal. Any data or accounts displayed on the website or any other channel don’t ensure profits on the trading that you wish to invest in as the hypothetical data is merely for educational purposes. This disclaimer is neither a request nor a proposal to purchase and sell with us or any other distributor on our behalf. This is to let you know the potential risks that might be coming your way, and we don’t want to deceive any prospect by any means. We can’t guarantee the future results of any trade by any means. No portrayal is being made that any potential person, account, or prospect will probably be going to accomplish benefits or receive misfortunes like those portrayed on this website regarding past performance.

CFTC RULE 4.41 – Unlike the real-life performance of options and futures, speculative data that is obtained from simulated market results have numerous limitations. As these are conducted under a controlled environment, the actual performance cannot be mimicked. Similarly, as no real trade has been made, the results will not be precise because some important market operating factors aren’t taken into account like lack of liquidity and alike. Another factor that can significantly affect the results of simulated trading as compared to the actual market results is the understanding and suggestions made available after some real-life incidents take place. That’s why speculative data cannot be looked at as a valid representation of anything. Thus, no depiction should be made or is being made concerning the account that may or may not lead to potential profits or hefty losses. It should be your sole discretion to trade in futures and options.

In terms of hypothetical trading, the primary financial risks are absent, and drawing inferences from such data is different from that of real trading. In addition to this, continuously fluctuating market conditions, speculation, time, and other factors like this are useful to determine the outcome of a specific trading program.

It is not discussed anywhere that any record or result is probably going to gain huge profits or will incur losses like those that appeared in hypothetical results. Indeed, there are as often as possible severe dissimilarities between imaginary execution results and the real outcomes accomplished by a specific exchanging program. Hypothetical trading doesn’t contain money risks and another conditional market risk, as it is performed with ideal conditions and situations, and no speculative trading record can totally represent the effect of monetary losses in genuine trading.

All statistics and information on this website or any digital book or master guide settings bought from this website is for informative and educational purposes and isn’t proposed to give the budgetary response. So, bear the responsibility of loss and profit while investing in futures or options trading. Any announcements about providing benefits or pay rate, communicated or suggested, doesn’t reassure anything. Your real exchanging may bring about losses as we assure no exchanging framework. You take full responsibility for your actions and their outcomes regarding your activities, exchanges, benefit or losses, and consent to hold us and any approved traders of this data innocuous in all manners.