TechBerry is an FX trading platform that operates on the concept of social automated trading by incorporating artificial intelligence and data from over 100,000 monthly trades. The trading  returns are about 12% in profit every month.   

Top-Notch Social Trading Platform

In the seven years, TechBerry has already had a significant impact on social trading. This Forex trading platform has established itself as a trendsetter since its inception in 2015, earning recognition as one of the best Forex trading systems available. Its use of deep learning algorithms has played a critical part in contributing to its success. 

TechBerry offers automated trading like no other platform. It is simple and easy to use, yet its underlying neural algorithm is among the most advanced, capable of scanning and analyzing more than 100k trading accounts from its user base. The AI builds trading strategies based on the most successful trades.A comprehensive Techberry platform analysis reveals the system’s efficiency and the innovative approaches it employs.

How TechBerry works for different users

For individuals

As an individual, you can join TechBerry with only a few steps in a matter of seconds. Once you are a member, you will benefit from the profits generated by the platform. It is intuitive and even newbies can readily use it. Also, the platform offers loss reimbursement for members, which is a rare feature in the Forex market.

For traders

TechBerry is receptive to traders’ needs and does not require any deposits from them before they start using it. Pro traders can integrate TechBerry with their MT4 or MT5. To do that, you need to download and install the TechBerry expert advisor on MT4 or MT5. TechBerry’s artificial intelligence will create a trading strategy customized to your trading needs based on the downloaded trading data.

Is TechBerry genuine?

TechBerry’s algorithm is among the most sought-after in the market. It cooperates with more than 50 leading brokers. These brokers have regulatory approvals from FCA, FSA, CFTC, FINRA, BaSyn, CySEC, among other regulators.

Cutting-edge market analysis

Financial markets have heavy data that may be difficult to sieve through. TechBerry has made it easier for users to benefit from the trades by leading market specialists. Using its algorithm, it analyzes over 100k trades and selects the best to develop winning strategies.

Approval by independent analysts

TechBerry users can also draw confidence from the fact that it enjoys positive reviews from leading independent market analysis sites. Examples include MyFxBook, FxAudit, and FxBlue.

The power of Artificial intelligence

TechBerry uses deep learning to identify the most appropriate trading strategies. It identifies the best opportunities by optimizing time-frames and the best trading sessions. Also, it is able to find profitable chart patterns, considering drawdowns, risk factors, and other variables. In the end, this results in higher profit margins.

TB subscription plans

Catering for different client needs

  • Membership subscription: TechBerry has six types of paid subscriptions, in addition to a free trial. The highest level of subscription is “Infinite,” which costs $499 per year. The lowest level is “Green,” and it costs $19 per year.
  • Loss compensation: Depending on preference, TechBerry offers compensation against losses up to 100%.
  • Personal manager: Subscribing to a “Gold” level or higher qualifies one to a personal manager.
  • Service fees: TechBerry only deducts service fees from a members’ profit. 

TechBerry Automated Social Trading Platform

TechBerry has proven its capabilities and consistency in generating profits. Also, it enjoys favorable reviews from competent bodies and market analysts. It is user-friendly, and even novices can trade profitably with it. Pro traders can also use it to improve their performance. Therefore, TechBerry is worth investing in. 

The platform gives users multiple subscription options. Therefore, members are free to choose the option that best suits their trading needs.
It offers loss reimbursement for members. Therefore, they stop worrying about making losses. Depending on your needs, you can cover up to 100% of your position. This is a rare but essential component of FX trading.Users can access several subscription plans fitting their needs.
Techberry has proven its capability to return consistent profits, averaging 11.2% per month.
Techberry continues to receive glowing reviews from leading market analysts, including reputable financial markets analysis sites.
Techberry has stringent requirements that traders must fulfill before enlisting their accounts. This often prevents some traders from joining the platform.
It is only compatible with MT4 and MT5.
With data analysis expanding into new domains, TB maintains abreast of the technological advancements in the Forex market. The TB platform combines around 100,000 FX market experts' knowledge with AI to create a very efficient automatic trading platform. It's a fantastic match for anyone looking to make money in Forex: for a small investment, TB members get a profitable, reliable, convenient, user-friendly AI-based product. So it is unquestionably worthwhile to become a member of TB.

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