Forex Fury EA Review

Forex Fury is a fully automated EA that claims to deliver 93% success ratio to the traders. Developed by Rypax INC. team of developers, some believe Forex Fury is the real-time savior for both experienced and novice traders.

Or is it scam?

Although there are mixed opinions about Forex Fury by different traders, for us it’s definitely the best investment we have ever made in the world of trading. No, we’re not over exaggerating and have multiple reasons to back our claim.

Trading Results (Myfxbook verified)

One of the biggest reasons why Forex Fury is incredibly popular amongst new and experienced traders is the availability of the verified trading results. Generally, forex traders are reluctant about investing hefty money into trades. And obviously they’re not wrong. No matter how proficient you are in your trades, the risk factor is always there. That is why investment in any new resource or tool calls for great research and testing. Since Forex Fury is based on low-risk more-rewards approach, it inspires traders to invest in this software. Also, Myfxbook accounts are accessible and clickable, meaning you can have thorough examination of past or present accounts to know more about the performance. What we loved the most is Forex Fury’s capacity to take 7 trades at one time which augments the chances of success.

Trading Strategy

Forex Fury’s proven time-restricted strategy can wonderfully work in collaboration with multiple currency pairs. If you were afraid of handling multiple pairs manually in the past, Forex Fury can definitely go a long way. The time-restricted strategy in combination with the scalping approach on M15 timeframe give traders the freedom to place many trades on daily basis that guarantees more results in shorter span of time.

Client Feedback (multiple sources)

Client feedback or user testimonials can act as a useful indicator to see whether or not that particular resource or tool is worth your time and money. When you visit Forex Fury’s official website, you’ll see many user reviews that applaud this software’s performance in one way or the other. Yes, we know the software’s own official website might not be a perfect place to find unbiased reviews. This is why we decided to check several other independent or third party websites who are known for their impartiality and fairness. These websites also include a huge array of positive testimonials answering why Forex Fury has become the number one algorithmic trading solution for most of the traders.

History (5 years)

Let’s admit it, a product that is not capable of delivering promised results cannot sustain longer in the market. Especially, if we talk about forex trading, anything that fails to deliver desired results obviously won’t be able to win trader’s trust and reputation.

As far as Forex Fury is concerned, it was launched back in early 2015 and is still considered to be one of the best automated trading solutions available so far. Well this continued and progressing success is a definite proof that this software acquires some great features that eventually delivers anticipated trading results to the traders.

Proven Settings

For those looking forward to experimenting with their own creativity and trading knowledge, Forex Fury makes a perfect fit. The customizable settings options act like a savior for those who want to make additions of their own in everything and trust us, most of the times these experiments result in remarkable success. No, there is obviously no compulsion that you must modify the preset settings. When you invest in Forex Fury, you can immediately start using it without adjusting anything. But yes, the flexibility to modify settings helps traders stay ahead of their trading game.

Forex Fury comes with an advanced holiday filter that lets traders select the days he or she is willing to place trades in the market. Since holiday time-period is believed to be the most uncertain one, traders can turn off the settings and restrict their bot to not trade on those specific days. In addition to that, you can also set the value for maximum spread or can also instruct your robot about particular timings to start or terminate the trade. The flexibility to choose different options help traders feel empowered without being involved in the trading process.

The preferred TP for Forex fury is 5 pips while the stop limit is 29 which makes for an impressive success rate. Because the TP margin is extremely close to the entry, the loss factor is relatively confined. With default parameters, Forex Fury take calculated risk of 20% that also increases the win ratio.

Proven Features

Priced at $299.99 for the Gold and $439.99 for the Diamond deals, Forex Fury with its host of amazing features is definitely a steal. Some of our favorite features include:

100% Automated Software

This is particularly beneficial for budding traders with zero market knowledge as they can completely rely on Forex Fury for their trades.

Compatible with All MT4 Brokers

Forex Fury is compatible with all MT4 brokers – NFA, FIFO, Build 600+ are just to name a few.

93% Winning Ratio

The risk-reward ratio offered by Forex fury is great. As this software is capable of delivering impeccable results with its low-risk high-reward strategy, you can expect some great profits even if you haven’t invested a huge sum of money.

Verified Live Trading Results

For those in doubt, you can always hit Myfxbook to track Forex Fury’s past performance, and also view their live client accounts too.

Multiple Filters

Forex Fury comes with multiple filters that can help traders make knowledgeable and profitable decisions in bad market conditions.

Easy Installation

You can easily install Forex Fury using just a few basic steps even if you’re not a dedicated computer user. The product also encloses basic guide to get you started. In addition to that, they also host a super-friendly and helpful customer support.

Our experience with Forex Fury is average. It is complex EA to use, includes some basic features, shows proofs of its past performance, yet trading results are not impressive at all. Let’s be honest, you need in your forex robot more than that.

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  1. Andrew Fraser

    Disagree with your views and conclusions. I’ve found Forex Fury to be unreliable. A string of winning trades always results in big losses both on a demo and live account. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. Vic

    “Robot Nation” owns Forex Fury and Forex Stream. They change start dates continually on there test results. I bought both these robots and lost lost and lost. Stay away from these.

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