Shares of Alphabet Inc. Cl A (GOOGL, -1.35%) witnessed a decline of 1.35% on Thursday, settling at $120.11. The stock market experienced a gloomy trading session overall, with the S&P 500 Index (SPX, -0.79%) dropping by 0.79% to reach 4,411.59 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA, -1.07%) falling 1.07% to settle at 33,922.26.

This decline marked the end of a promising three-day winning streak for Alphabet Inc. Cl A.

The closing price of Alphabet Inc. Cl A was $8.93 shy of its 52-week high ($129.04), which it achieved on June 7th.

In comparison to some of its competitors, the stock’s performance was mixed on Thursday. While Microsoft Corp. (MSFT, +0.92%) saw a rise of 0.92% to reach $341.27, Inc. (AMZN, -1.55%) experienced a decline of 1.55% to settle at $128.36, and Meta Platforms Inc. (META, -0.81%) witnessed a decrease of 0.81% to reach $291.99.

Notably, the trading volume was 24.7 million shares, which remained 9.9 million below its 50-day average volume (34.6 million shares).

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