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About modern advertising, the world of consumption, complexes of society, and pacers. Conversation with Anthony George, Chief Marketing Officer at TechBerry.

– Anthony, let’s start with fundamental questions. Are marketing and advertising the same thing?

– No, it’s not the same thing. If I may put it that way, marketing is a set of processes, a working philosophy. And advertising is instead just a tool.

Do not forget that everything can be looked at from the point of view of philosophy.

– What’s your job? Marketing or advertising? Or perhaps selling?

– Frankly speaking, I do not do any of what you said. Years of study, work, and experience were not for me to limit my functions and views and reduce them to unified terms. TechBerry is the most unique and ambitious company I have ever worked with. At every level, in all departments, and at all stages of work, TechBerry sets unique goals and does not use standard tools. This is a unique philosophy that needs to be lived up to. If you do not catch this wave, nothing will work. This company does not follow well-worn paths but seeks its paths.

– The fact that you are in such a vital position shows that these values resonate with you. Did you have to change yourself, or is your mentality consistent with the company’s philosophy?

“I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a pacer, pathfinder. Therefore, I was pleased to be in an atmosphere of like-minded people who feel the same thirst for exploring new horizons without looking back at competitors.

Many people look at the glass. Some see it as half full, others see it as half empty. I look at the glass and see that the bartender rubbed it badly. This is the basis of our work; we will wash the glass and make it as desirable as the liquid in it. And our competitors will continue to think about unimportant things and sell a lower quality product.

– How justified is this? Is it necessary to spend time on details in today’s society?

– This is an incredibly broad question. Hundreds of books have been written on this subject, and thousands of lectures are given to students. The discussion doesn’t stop. It is generally accepted that modern society has an entirely different perception of information. The complexes of society and the peculiarities of its functioning narrow the window for obtaining quick information. In other words, you must quickly interest the client; otherwise, he will lose interest in your message in a matter of seconds.

– In a matter of seconds? Literally?

– Quite right. I’ll tell you a little secret. This rule is also relevant to modern cinema. If you watch any average movie, you will notice that frames change every three to five seconds on average. All because the viewer will be bored. At least, that’s what marketers think.

– Marvelous. As I understand it, this does not apply to TechBerry?

– Fortunately, this does not apply to us. I will not stigmatize and stigmatize my colleagues and their approaches to work. We just need to understand that selling gum and selling books are two different things.

At the same time, if we talk about our company, then we are not engaged in advertising or sales. I insist that our work creates conditions for a fruitful dialogue with the client.

– Dialogue can bring money?

– In our case, the dialogue is mutually beneficial. As I said, we are pacers. Just like our clients. We go our own way, not using the rules of the modern consumer society. This simplifies and complicates the task at the same time.

It is millet for the reason that the solutions that our company has developed are not only practical but also elegant. On the other hand, our client is intelligent and demanding. He has many questions. We can answer them. And our job is to organize the receipt of these answers in an acceptable form, in the form of a comfortable dialogue. All this, of course, falls under the definition of marketing processes. Do not deceive yourself; such a designation, in our case, hides a deep, complex, and evolving mechanism.

– That is, advertising integrations and native advertising will not work?

– You know, if you know and feel your audience, then a paper poster at the crossroads can work. The main thing is what is written on it.

People interested in our work and exploring our products’ possibilities are a priori superior to the average target audience. They are prepared and versed in a topic that will seem difficult to most. And the main task of any marketer is to study their target audience. In our case, this is an incredibly difficult task, but at the same time, very interesting. This is not only a great challenge but also a colossal responsibility. You must match the level of your client. And it doesn’t let you relax.

– That is, you must constantly monitor the mood of the client?

– Not certainly in that way. In most cases, the priorities of our company and the client coincide. We just need to keep in touch with our clients through public tools. The work is greatly simplified by the fact that the client and I play in the same team and pursue the same goals.

– You can call it symbiosis?

– I think yes. What TechBerry produces is amazing in itself. I would like to share this, but I understand perfectly well that the threshold for entering the finance, economics, and trading sphere is too high. People who belong to our target audience live at the expense of this area and are well-versed in the nuances. Therefore, sometimes, you can only listen to the reviews. This is useful not only for my department but for our entire company. Therefore, without a doubt, the relationship with our customers is symbiotic. This is the guarantee that an incredible future awaits us!

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