Apple Inc. is scrapping an ambitious, decade-long effort to develop an electric car with self-driving capabilities, according to reports on Tuesday.

Project Titan Shutdown

The project, known as Project Titan, had been rumored for years, with various speculations about the features of the Apple-branded vehicle. From a fully autonomous car without a steering wheel to a more traditional vehicle with limited self-driving capabilities, Apple’s aspirations were high.

Technological Hurdles and Delays

However, the project faced numerous challenges ranging from technological obstacles to delays, ultimately leading to its demise. Despite spending billions of dollars over the course of a decade, the project was not deemed financially viable.

Shift in Resources

As a result of this decision, some employees from the car team will be redirected to other parts of the company, particularly Apple’s AI division. Additionally, there may be lay-offs within the affected team.

Market Realities

The underlying reason for the discontinuation of Project Titan was the softer market for electric vehicles and the inability to ensure high profit margins similar to Apple’s existing product lines. Reports suggested that Apple had hoped to compete with Tesla Inc.’s EVs but faced challenges in achieving this goal.

Financial Impact

Despite this setback, Apple’s shares saw a slight increase of about 1% on Tuesday. While the stock has experienced a 5% decline year-to-date, it has shown a 24% increase over the past 12 months.


After years of anticipation and speculation, Apple’s ambitious venture into the electric car market has come to an end. The decision reflects the evolving landscape of the automotive industry and the challenges faced by tech giants venturing into new territories.

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