Aura Rocket is said to be a unique expert advisor that is predicated on deep machine learning and hyperparameter search technology. The hyperparameter feature normally controls the learning process so as to minimize a given loss function. You are advised to work with low-risk settings, especially if you prefer engaging in long-term trading. Also, the robot has a rocket mode that allows you to configure the maximum risk. 

Product offering 

Find below the features of the robot:

  • The robot mainly trades on the XAUUSD currency pair.
  • The minimum recommended leverage is 1:20, whereas the minimum recommended deposit is $100.
  • It works on the H1 chart.
  • It’s FIFO compatible and suitable for FTMO.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The EA is not sensitive to broker conditions, but lower spreads are preferred. 
  • It applies a hard stop loss and take profit for every position. 

A lifetime license for Aura Rocket is currently going for $995. The developer plans to increase this price to $1295 soon. Three different pricing options are also on offer. To use the bot for 3 months, you are asked to pay $245. The 6 month and 1 year plans are available at $445 and $595, respectively. 

The EA’s price. 

Stanislav Tomilov is the vendor behind this system. He lives in Russia, and his other invented products include Matterhorn, Aura Turbo, Aura Pro, and Aura Black Edition. As of now, Stanislav’s EAs have an overall rating of 4.3/5 based on 78 reviews. 

Trading strategy 

The vendor explains that the robot opens positions in the direction of the trend and protects every trade using a stop loss. He assures us that dangerous money management strategies like the grid, martingale, averaging, arbitrage, and hedging are not used. 

Trading results

Backtest results. 

According to this backtest, the EA used a $100 deposit to generate millions of profit. This is after it conducted 2638 trades and won 97.50% of the short trades. As you can see from the screenshot, the performance of the long trades is not visible. The profit factor (58.83) was large, further depicting Aura Rocket as a very productive tool. Low-risk trading was applied, as illustrated by a small drawdown of 2.07%. 

Live trading stats on Myfxbook.

The performance of this EA in the live market is very poor, especially when you compare it with the results generated in the backtest period. The account was opened in February 2022 and deposited at $334. So far, the system has led to a loss of -$61.06. As a consequence, the balance has decreased to $272.94 and the account is now -18.28% less valuable. The drawdown is 21.46%. 

Performance of trades. 

The robot has executed 52 trades, and from the profit factor (0.71) value, we can tell that it is not lucrative. To date, the EA has reported losses amounting to -6106 pips after trading with 0.52 lots. The average loss (-2642.38 pips) is also higher than the average win (341.66 pips), which further highlights the EA’s high losing streak. 

Trading history. 

The EA works with fixed lot sizes (0.01) and attaches dynamic SL and TP levels to each order. The profits generated from trades are quite small. 

Daily trades. 

The EA places the largest number of orders on Monday. It reduces the number of trades it makes as the week progresses. 

Risk of ruin. 

From the stats above, it is apparent that Aura Rocket is about to blow up this account. 

Customer reviews

The EA has reported both positive and negative reviews. But from our assessment, we have discovered that a majority of the clients are content with the service. According to them, the EA is effective and profitable. The disgruntled lot complains about the high volatility in the market that has caused them to incur losses while working with the robot. 

Customer reviews on MQL5. 

Live and backtest results are available
Is easy to use
High risk of ruin
Poor performance in the live market
Very expensive
Aura Rocket is user-friendly and is currently managing a live account on Myfxbook. Sadly, the trading results generated in the live market are quite poor. The EA is about to crash the account after trading on it for about two months only. Clearly, the strategy on the board makes bad trading decisions for the most part. Still, there are clients who say that the robot is profitable. Therefore, exercise due diligence before making any purchase decisions.

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