There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies on the market, but you can’t invest in each one, and they’re not all smart investments. Cryptocurrencies, like any asset, have specific fundamentals that may be evaluated to determine whether they are worth investing in. As an investor or trader, experimenting with new tools that meet your needs is something you can do right now, and it will almost certainly improve the way you work.


This is, without a doubt, the place to go if you’re looking for hidden gems and big profits. That’s because, while you’re on the hunt, the Messari screener is the perfect spot to sort through your results. It filters by market capitalization, volume, liquid supply, and on-chain indications such as active addresses. Furthermore, Messari provides several excellent research articles that are really useful.

Screeners provided by the community cover a wide range of topics, from specific sorts of projects to asset management portfolios. You can examine what huge funds have invested in and see if there are any initiatives that you should be investing in as well. There are also separate screeners for metaverse and gaming projects if one is interested.


It is a blockchain analytics tool with a working wallet address. It supports a wide range of cryptos, including the big names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as various DeFi tokens and ERC-20 tokens.

The weekly on-chain analysis from Glassnode explains the benefits of this analysis as well as how to perform it on your own. They also provide an indication of where we are in the market cycle, which is useful for managing your portfolio.

It also has an academy, which is for both beginners and early adopters. You can learn about what’s going on in the crypto world here. It provides a qualitative overview of several on-chain indicators, as well as their varied roles and applications.

Lunar Crush

Here is a sentiment analysis tool that provides you with all of the necessary information about a cryptocurrency’s public impression. AltRank and Galaxy score are two custom scores in LunarCrush. Galaxy Score is derived from price score, social score, social impact, and correlation rank. AltRank measures market volume, social volume, percentage change versus Bitcoin, and Social Score.

Looking at overall social volume and how much of it is bullish vs. bearish, as well as how they evolve in conjunction with the price, may help you figure out where a coin is headed.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should conduct more research because many meme coins rely on bots and money to raise exposure. This automatically raises the value of these coins in LunarCrush. However, these projects might be pure rubbish, and buying them solely on the tool’s prices isn’t a wise idea.

Coin Metrics

It is a cryptocurrency financial intelligence, market data, index, network data, and other analytical tool providers that may assist you in making educated crypto decisions. Over 100 assets and 400+ indicators are available on the site, including innovative ones like free float supply and realized cap. It also summarizes each week in shorter sections that are well worth reading.

You may download your chart in several extensions once you’ve finished adding measurements to it using Coin Metrics’ network data visualization tool. It caters to institutional clientele because it offers various paid plans that aren’t available online and must be requested by contacting them personally.


The service analyzes the social aspects of over 1000 cryptos. You may also incorporate information like market capitalization, volume, and even on-chain analyses. This is an excellent tool for examining individual cryptos.

Furthermore, they show excellent market insights that provide both useful information and context for the data seen on the site. Santiment has its own academy, where you may learn all there is to know about it and the markets in general. It also has a screener tool where you may look for those hot picks that can push your portfolio to new heights.


It provides rankings, exchange statistics, and prices for crypto assets. It is available online as well as on a mobile application, allowing you to utilize it from anywhere. Furthermore, it is an excellent spot to begin your search for a new cryptocurrency. When you select an asset, you’ll see its market capitalization, price, volume, supply, exchange listings, and description.

Also, you will find some social data, developer statistics, and even a brief study by IntoTheBlock. There are also derivatives, exchanges, DeFi, NFTs, Yield Farming, podcasts, and even a number of books.


A complete calendar containing everything related to cryptocurrency may be found here. The platform combines evidence-based and community-driven frameworks, allowing users to create crypto events that are then verified. Upvotes are given to genuine events, while downvotes are given to those that appear to be fraudulent.

Simply search for a coin on the site if you’re interested in certain events that you believe will have an influence on its price. You may see all the listed events for the specified period with only a few clicks.

Furthermore, certain prospects may be discovered in CoinMarketCal’s ‘Coins with Potential’. These are the coins that will see a lot of action and/or important events in the near future. 

Coin Dance

Here you’ll discover a wealth of information on Bitcoin’s volume, nodes, politics, and popularity. Even if you aren’t a Bitcoin enthusiast, this site is worth seeing since, as we all know, Bitcoin has a significant impact on the whole market.

It also includes information on Bitcoin by gender and age. Men now control a large portion of the Bitcoin market. And, in terms of age, it is controlled by young people.

It also looks into country-by-country adoption. This is fascinating data, as it shows that nations with weak currencies are more likely to accept Bitcoin. It’s also interesting to see how each country views cryptocurrency, and it even lists which political parties support Bitcoin in different countries.


Doing your own research is vital because when it comes to investing in something, it’s ideal if you make the decision yourself, based on the facts you gathered throughout your investigation. It’s dangerous to rely only on the opinion of a third person because some of the information may be out of date, and new events may have had a substantial influence on the investment’s quality. The above research tools are ideal for gaining insight into your favorite cryptocurrencies.

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