Beyond Inc., formerly known as, is embarking on a new phase of growth with its rebranding under the Bed Bath & Beyond banner. The company has made significant changes to its leadership team, signaling a fresh direction for the company.

A Transition in Leadership

On Monday, CEO Jonathan Johnson announced his resignation from his role and his position on the board of directors. This decision was reached through a “mutual agreement” between Johnson and the Board as they navigate the transition to new leadership.

According to Johnson, “As the company turns the page to become Beyond, now is the right time for me to also turn the page to the next chapter in my career.”

Interim CEO and Expanded Responsibilities

While the search for a permanent chief executive is underway, David Nielsen will serve as the interim CEO. Nielsen has been with Beyond since 2019, previously holding positions such as president and chief sourcing and operations officer. During this transition period, Adrianne Lee, the current chief financial officer, will assume additional responsibilities.

From to Beyond

Beyond Inc.’s transformation began with its acquisition of the Bed Bath & Beyond brand after it filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Incorporating this well-known name into its identity, the company has rebranded from online furniture liquidator to Beyond, Inc.

In late October, the corporate name officially changed from to Beyond Inc. This shift coincides with the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange under its new ticker symbol, “BYON.”

Embracing a New Era

With these changes in leadership and identity, Beyond Inc. is poised for a fresh start and a promising future as an e-commerce platform offering a wide range of home goods.

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