Traders who have an appetite for risk and wish to earn big in a short period of time have always found the forex and binary options markets to be lucrative. The rising popularity of Binary Options trading has seen an increase in the number of novice traders indulging in the market.

Binary Robot 365

As the number of automated robots has grown, it is not rare to find certain scam and fraudulent automated trading systems among them. Traders today have to be alert and conduct thorough research before they invest in a robot, ensuring they do not get robbed of their money.

Binary Robot 365 – Website Overview

At first glance, the website of Binary Robot 365 looks impressive and secured. However, on further inspection, the website seems to be lacking the necessary information. Launched back in 2016, there is not even a single performance chart on the entire website, indicating towards the journey of the robot over the three years. This is an uncommon occurrence for binary options robot platforms.

The platform fails to provide any details about the brains behind the robot. Although many robot developers choose to stay anonymous, no mention of the developer, the company behind it or the endorser serves as a red flag.

Though Binary Robot 365 does not have a dedicated mobile application, the website claims that the platform is totally compatible with mobile phones and functions smoothly.

Trading Strategy and Profitability

The website of Binary Robot 365 claims to offer traders a win rate of up to 90%. Allowing the traders to customize the trading strategy as per their own preference. Traders have the freedom to customize the expiry time of trades, the trade amount, the assets they wish to trade and the number of simultaneous trades they wish to have. Traders can also choose the money management strategy they want to be followed, from options like Classic, Martingale, and Fibonacci.

Binary Robot 365 Features

The robot offers users a choice of six different trading indicators, including Stochastics, MACD, CCI, RSI, Trends and Williams indicators. Traders are required to make a minimum deposit of $250 to trade with Binary Robot 365. The traders also enjoy the flexibility of choosing their own trader from the list of brokers offered by the platform.

Binary Robot 365 Results and Reviews

The biggest red flag for Binary Robot 365 is the absence of any performance results chart on the website. Even after a lot of digging, no accounts were found with trustworthy testers like myfxbook or fxblue that could provide verified results. As for the website, it simply lists the top ten profit-earning users, with no proof of their successful trades and profits. This raises suspicion about the legitimacy of the trading robot.

binary robot 365 top users

The absence of myfxbook and fxblue accounts fail to provide trustworthy customer reviews for the robot. Overall, the lack of verified results and dependable customer reviews and the credibility of the robot cannot be established.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Binary Robot 365

Advantages Disadvantages
Insight on Trading Strategy Provided Absence of Developer Information
Choice of Various Brokers Trading Results Not Provided
Flexibility to Customize Trade Strategy Limited Profit Withdrawal Options


Binary Robot 365
Binary Robot 365 seems to be a lucrative trading robot that allows you to trade for free. However, the lack of credible information about the robot and its performance over the years makes it difficult to be trusted. Traders should look for reliable alternatives that offer similar opportunities instead of risking their money here.

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