Shares of several biopharmaceutical companies developing anti-TIGIT cancer therapies experienced a surge in premarket trading following an unexpected disclosure by Roche AG. The disclosure involved interim data from a study on Roche’s anti-TIGIT therapy called tiragolumab, specifically in non-small cell lung cancer.

Although the results are still in their preliminary stages, they indicate promising data for overall survival with tiragolumab. However, it is important to note that these results are not yet considered mature, as stated by Roche in their official release. The study remains ongoing and will continue until the final analysis for overall survival.

This announcement has had a positive impact on analysts and investors who interpret the data favorably not only for Roche but also for other companies working on anti-TIGIT therapies. As a result, iTeos Therapeutics Inc. and Arcus Biosciences Inc. observed a premarket increase of over 30% in their share prices. Gilead Sciences Inc. also saw a significant rise of 2.9%, while Compugen Ltd. experienced substantial growth of 14.7%.

The disclosure of this interim data has sparked optimism within the biopharmaceutical industry, as it provides a glimpse into the potential effectiveness of anti-TIGIT therapies. As the study progresses and more substantial data becomes available, the industry eagerly awaits the final analysis on overall survival for tiragolumab.

This development serves as a reminder of the continuous advancements being made in cancer research and the potential impact it could have on patient outcomes.

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