Botee.Trade is a crypto trading bot designed for professionals. It allows you to automate your trading operations on top exchanges. Being a fully-automated platform, it can trade in your stead 24/7 without any pause. 

About Botee.Trade

This is a platform that is easy to get started with. You can conduct free backtests with no limits. The user interface is extremely flexible. You can get a detailed analytics report on the dashboard itself. 

Payment Options: Bitcoin
Price: Free trial/ $60/month/ $120/month/ $270/month
Supported Exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex

Key features 

Let’s look at the key features offered by this system:

Smart charts 

The smart charts on this platform are highly customizable. Here, you can view indicators, transaction data, and other important information. By looking at the buy and sell trades on the charts, you can easily gauge the efficacy of the strategy. Backtests can be conducted directly on the chart and you can also view the live trading results.

Advanced strategies 

The tools on this platform let you create complex strategies. You can use multiple indicators like Stochastic, Stochastic RSI, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and MACD. There are dynamic buy and sell stops for risk management. Also, you can use the averaging technique to set trigger values. This platform lets you trade with leverage on the Bitfinex exchange.

Powerful configurations 

By combining different trading tools, you can build basic strategies for selected pairs. You can customize the input by selecting various data sources like order books, candles, and trades. Different periods can be set for each indicator and you can customize purchasing and selling conditions.

How does it work?

This is a cloud-based system that connects to your exchange account using API keys. You can generate multiple API keys and connect multiple exchanges. After the connection is complete, you can select an exchange, a trading pair, and a candle period. With the Editor, you can configure and edit your trading strategies. For creating your first strategy, you can take the help of templates. After you’ve uploaded the settings and backtested the strategy, you can run the bot.

Compatible exchanges 

At this moment, this robot only supports Binance and Bitfinex. However, HitBTC and BitMEX exchanges are to be added soon.

How does Botee.Trade stand out?

The USP of this platform is its high degree of configurability. You can change the indicator and strategy settings and backtest the end results to come up with new trading plans. 

Best for: experienced traders 

Traders who have a lot of exposure to the crypto market will appreciate the fact that you can configure the settings. They can combine various indicators to build their own strategies and analyze the charts. 


There are four pricing plans for this system. The first one is a free trial plan that lasts 7 days and a maximum deposit of $1000. With the Standard plan, you get a $10,000 max deposit for $60/month. The Advanced plan offers end-to-end analytics and a $100,000 max deposit for $120/month. Finally, there is a superior plan that costs $270/month and has a maximum deposit of $300,000.

How safe is Botee.Trade?

This bot doesn’t have permission to withdraw your funds. It connects to the exchange using secure API keys and you can choose your permissions as needed. The system is designed to be fault-tolerant. Each bot has its own servers and there are different hosting providers.

Botee.Trade reputation

The development for this platform started in 2017 and it was finished in the middle of 2018. Unfortunately, we don’t know where this company is based. Also, the vendor has not revealed the identities of the team members. Hence, we have no way to determine whether the platform has been developed by experienced individuals.

Is it a good choice for beginners?

While the platform is easy to set up, it has several complex functionalities. Beginners usually prefer systems with simplistic designs that will do most of the work for them. To make full use of this platform, one needs to know how to build custom strategies with indicators and how to perform configurations. It is unlikely that a beginner will possess this kind of knowledge.

Vendor Transparency:5
Smart charts
Backtesting functionalities
Detailed analytics dashboard
Only two exchanges supported
Lack of vendor transparency
Botee.Trade: advanced bot sold by an unknown vendor
It is evident that Botee.Trade is a highly secure system that lets you attain a greater degree of control over your crypto trading operations. However, there is very little information on the parent company behind this platform. Also, it only supports two exchanges, which might be inconvenient for some traders.

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