Breakthrough Strategy robot is offered on the MQL5 platform. It was developed by Konstantin Kulikov and published in May 2017. The trading software has many updates with the latest one being the 2.0 version that was added in February 2021.

Product offering

Breakthrough Strategy works on both MT4 and MT5 platforms. The seller claims that its live account has been active for three years and it yields a high-profit percentage. There is not much information about this expert advisor. The trading tool deals in multiple currencies.

In live trading, Breakthrough Strategy automatically indicates the GMT offset limit with the help of your PC’s local time. There is also a list of parameters that you can change, which is provided on the MQL5 website. Using these parameters, you can match its settings with the MT5 server’s time.

As per the vendor, the Forex robot can be used on any timeframe and it automatically acquires the required data from different timeframes. You do not have to modify the magic number for using it on various currency pairs since it recognizes the transactions concurrently via the currency pair and magic number.

Breakthrough Strategy is offered at $197, which will provide you with eight activations. You can also rent it for $30 per month or $60 for three months. Plus, there is a free demo version, though the limitations for this version are not mentioned on the website. We assume that you can only use it with the MT4 strategy tester, but we are not sure. There is no money-back guarantee as well.

Breakthrough Strategy
Type  Fully-automated EA
Price $197
Strategy N/A
Compatible Platforms MT4, MT5
Currency Pairs Multiple
Timeframe M1
Recommended Min. Deposit N/A
Recommended Deposit N/A
Leverage N/A

Trading strategy

Breakthrough Strategy deals in 25 currency pairs. It trades with the help of the latest trends in the Forex market. The description of the EA on MQL5 is not clear, which makes it difficult for us to know what the trading system does.

We infer that it sifts through certain things to gather breakouts and trends for trading. The recommended lot sizes are 0.01 for every $100 deposit with leverage of 1:500. Plus, it sets the take profits (TPs) and stop losses (SLs).

As per the developer, the Forex robot has been optimized and tested on a live account over many years. It trades on Friday when the market sessions are about to close. We verified this through its trading history on Myfxbook.

It holds the trade for the weekend till the initial hours of the market on Monday, which increases the risk to your trading account. Breakthrough Strategy opens five to 10 positions per week with a virtual stop loss that the broker cannot see. 

Trading results

Growth chart of Breakthrough Strategy.

Breakthrough Strategy has live trading accounts on Myfxbook as well as MQL5. For this review, we will take a look at its live trading account on Myfxbook since it’s a reputed third-party website that can be trusted.

The account shows a total of 1970 trades have been placed till now and its trading history tells us that it adheres to a high-frequency strategy. Out of 1970 deals, it has won 1489 deals, which indicates 76% profitability. It shows a monthly gain of 5.92% and a daily gain of 0.19% with a 43.33% drawdown.

Trading results of Breakthrough Strategy.

This indicates that the account is involved in high-risk trading, which can make you lose a major part of your account when trading in the live market. The account has a 1.31 profit factor and 0.12 Sharpe Ratio, which is not very favorable.

Its trading history tells us that it uses both Grid and Martingale techniques while gaining small profits per trade. This is a dangerous trading strategy that is not recommended for long-term use. Additionally, there are no backtest reports of Breakthrough Strategy.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of Breakthrough Strategy.

We could not find any customer reviews for Breakthrough Strategy on reliable third-party websites, such as Forexpeacearmy and Trustpilot. Though there are 12 client reviews on the MT5 website and all of them are positive. This is a bit hard to believe as the reviews could have been easily manipulated by the developer.

Trades in 25 currency pairs
Live trading results on Myfxbook
The strategy used is not clear
No backtest results
High drawdown in monthly profits
No refund policy
Breakthrough Strategy has big lot sizes and a high drawdown. Plus, there is no information about the strategy it uses. The verified results show a poor trading approach and performance. Even though it is offered at an inexpensive price and its live account has been running for three years, the negative points cannot be overlooked. All of these details make us doubt this Forex EA. Therefore, we do not recommend it to traders.

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