Bsc Rocket is a bot that was designed to make profit on the crypto market from our account. According to the claim, we can track our coins using the Bsc Rocket system. The data can be delivered via Telegram.

About Bsc Rocket

Payment Options: Only BNB
Price: 1 BNB, 3 BNB
Supported Exchanges: N/A

Bsc Rocket features

We have a few details about the system explained. We don’t know the reason for such a low level of transparency.

  • We can expect that the robot will cover us with automatic orders execution on our terminal.
  • The developers manage over 2500 users in a main channel.
  • There are over 25 bots in various channels.
  • We have over 3000 users in all channels. It’s not so many.
  • The developers claimed that the system has various useful features without listing them.
  • The system responds almost immediately.
  • It’s a solution that can be treated as the most stable bot ever.
  • We can rely on 24/7 welcome support.
  • The developers provide us with a chart implementation.

How does it work?

Bsc Rocket Crypto Bot

We don’t know because the developers avoided providing us with a proper functionalities list.

Compatible exchanges

The owners provide us with no explanations about what exchanges this robot works the best.

How does Bsc Rocket stand out?

This information isn’t clear as well. We may just hope that the system is useful. 

Best for: traders with any level of trading experience

Bsc Rocket has to provide us with completely automated and secure trading experience without even understanding of how the market works.


We have two packages in the offer section provided. The Standard pack can be purchased for 1 BNB. There are the following features: unlimited channel users on Telegram, unlimited bot channel users, price change log chart published in the channel. The Premium package is available for a three times higher price–3 BNB. There are the next features like: 2 days pinned in the channel and 2 week message advert on every channel.

How safe is Bsc Rocket?

The presentation doesn’t provide us with security explanations about the system. Most likely, we can work using API keys.

Bsc Rocket reputation

The developers don’t have any relevant reputation because there are no people’s testimonials written about the system.

Is it a good choice for beginners?

We don’t think so because the presentation lacks information about features and settings that would help us with understanding what level of knowledge we should have to use this bot.

There are two packages provided
No team revealed
No settings explanations explained
No risk advice given
No backtest reports shared
No trading results revealed
No refund policy applied
No people’s testimonials available
Bsc Rocket: the bottom line
Bsc Rocket is a system that has to cover us with managing our portfolio and being profitable on the crypto market. The presentation lacks information about how the system is going to be profitable. There are no details about strategis or indicators behind the system. Also, we don’t have information about backtest reports or actual trading results. The developers don’t even want to claim what monthly profitability the system has. We have no refund policy applied and no people’s testimonials written.

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