Champion EA is a trading advisor that catches market moves and was designed to work automatically on the terminal. 

Product offering

The system is delivered with average explanations about how it should work and what features it has. 

  • The advisor works automatically on a terminal for us, executing orders. 
  • We can work with five pairs. 
  • It trades with a drawdown reduction. 
  • It’s featured by a time filter. 
  • There’s a real account trading history. 
  • There are five copies left for $488. 
  • The next price will be $588. 
  • The ultimate one will be $688. 
  • It works under FTMO and FIFO conditions. 
  • The drawdowns can be as low as 10%. 
  • We can work with it without strong trading experience. 
  • We can purchase this one and get another one for free and an invitation to a VIP chat. 
  • “The advanced INFINITY dashboard panel informs the trader about all the necessary information about the account, the ratio of profit or loss, the amount of free margin, etc. The adviser analyzes the price of each candle and its dynamic deviation in the flow of quotes and makes a decision only when the candle closes.”
  • The r can work from a single chart. 
  • We don’t need to do customizations. 
  • “It has no analogues in the market.”
  • “For quick testing use the 1M OHLC, as the EA only uses open prices internally as well.”
  • We have to use it only on recommended pairs. 
  • It should be used on a Hedge account only. 
  • The system isn’t sensitive to spreads. 
  • ECN brokers and a VPS service are good options. 
  • The system can trade not every day. 
  • The minimal deposit is $100 for every pit traded. 

Champion EA pricing details.

The system can be purchased for $588. We have no rental options provided. The system can be downloaded for demo usage. 

Trading strategy

  • The robot works with trend or price action strategies. 
  • We can trade AUDCAD, NZDCAD, EURCAD, GBPCAD, and AUDNZD pairs.
  • The Expert Advisor should be attached to only one H1 chart.  

Trading results

We have no backtest reports shared. It’s a con because we don’t know how the system worked with the past data. 

Champion EA live trading results. 

The advisor works on a real well-deposited $10,000 account with 1:500 leverage. The maximum drawdown is 40.7%. The maximum deposit load is 14.9%. The win rate is 79.5%.. The reliability of the signals is low. 

Champion trading statistics.

It executes 29 deals weekly. An average holding time is huge – 4 days. 

Champion growth chart.

December 2021 is going to be the first month that would be closed with losses. 

Champion closed orders.

The system works with a short Grid of orders with an insane Martingale in addition. 

Champion details.

There were 526 deals executed. The best trade is $1624 when the worst trade is -$770. A recovery factor is 5.93 when a profit factor is 1.99. An annual profit is 4.66%. 

Champion distribution process.

AUDCAD is the most traded pair with 241 deals traded. 

Customer reviews

The dev’s profile on MQL5.

Evgenii Alseniv is a veteran dev on MQL5 with a 153,384 rate and three years of experience. The rate of 44 products is 5 based on 796 reviews. 

People testimonials. 

We have only positive testimonials about how the system works on clients accounts.

Trading results shown
Positive testimonials available
No risk advice given
No extended strategy explanations provided
No backtest reports shared
High pricing
No rental options available
Champion EA works on a well-deposited real account with an insanely wide Martingale that can set the account at high risk especially with requirements of $100 for a pit to trade on H1. With that martingale the system should be used on a $5000 account or higher.

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