Chevron and Hess have recently announced their merger, forming a colossal energy powerhouse worth $300 billion. With operations spanning across multiple continents, this partnership is set to make a significant impact in the industry. However, amidst the magnitude of this deal, there’s one particular aspect that holds a special place in the hearts of consumers – the iconic Hess toy trucks.

Hess, despite being an oil and gas company, has continued to produce and sell their beloved company-branded toy trucks. These toys have managed to capture the nostalgia and sentimentality of countless individuals.

During an interview with Chevron’s Chief Financial Officer, Pierre Breber, he emphasized the executives’ focus on substantial elements, such as Hess’ colossal oil-drilling operation in the Guyana waters. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the emotional attachment people have towards the toy trucks. Notably, even his daughter’s boyfriend pondered about their fate upon hearing news of the merger. Understanding the significance of these toys, Breber reassured that they have no plans of discontinuing them.

The popularity of these trucks is particularly pronounced in New York, the location of Hess’ headquarters, and New Jersey, where the company originated. Founded by Leon Hess in 1964, the idea of selling toy trucks came to him many years after starting the company and opening its first gasoline station. Interestingly, this product held a personal connection for Hess himself. At the age of 19 in 1933, he purchased a used 615-gallon oil delivery truck and embarked on a journey to supply fuel to fellow New Jerseyans. This decision would eventually lay the foundation for his multibillion-dollar enterprise.

The merger between Chevron and Hess not only signifies an amalgamation of two energy giants but also represents a continuation of an enduring symbol of childhood joy – the Hess toy trucks. These cherished toys continue to hold a cherished place in the hearts of consumers, keeping alive the nostalgic spirit they evoke.

The Legendary Hess Toy Trucks

The iconic Hess Toy Trucks have earned a special place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts. What started as a simple offering at Hess gas stations quickly turned into an annual sensation. Initially, replicas of the company’s gasoline delivery trucks were sold, but Hess soon expanded its lineup and began introducing new designs every year or two. From boats to fire engines, these vehicles featured unique attributes such as inner compartments and lights.

The popularity of these toy trucks skyrocketed, turning them into highly sought-after collector’s items. The demand grew so intense that gas stations had to enforce a strict limit of only selling two trucks per customer. Nowadays, these trucks can be found on online marketplaces like eBay, with prices ranging from hundreds to even thousands of dollars, particularly for vintage editions.

Hess guards its toy truck plans with the utmost secrecy, investing significant time and effort into their development. In fact, the process to create each annual toy starts between two and three years in advance of its release. For more complex designs, this timeline can even extend up to six years from concept to market.

Although Hess sold its 1,300 gas stations to Marathon Petroleum (MPC) in 2014, which rebranded them as Speedway stations, the Hess Toy Trucks still had a significant following. They continue to be available for purchase online at Even after the sale of their gas stations, Hess manages to sell over 1 million trucks each year. The latest edition features a police truck and cruiser retailing at $42.99, plus tax. While exact revenue figures remain undisclosed, it’s evident that Hess still generates substantial sales, likely in the tens of millions of dollars annually.

Although the revenue generated by the toy trucks may not be enough to impact a multibillion-dollar oil merger, it is undoubtedly a significant and thriving aspect of Hess’s business.

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