CME Group, the operator of financial-derivatives exchanges including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade, demonstrated strong performance in 2023. Its stock experienced a notable 25% gain, surpassing the 24% increase in the S&P 500 index.

Continued Investment by Longtime Director

William R. Shepard, a longstanding director of CME, remains optimistic about the company’s potential and has recently purchased additional shares. On January 18, Shepard invested $281,000 to acquire 1,390 shares, at an average price of $202.44 per share. Consequently, his personal account now holds a total of 2,322 CME shares. Furthermore, a trust controlled by Shepard purchased an additional 1,331 shares, bringing their total ownership to 253,060 shares.

Strong Leadership and Expertise

With his extensive experience in the industry, Shepard has been an invaluable asset to CME since joining the board of directors in 1997. Previously holding the position of second vice chairman, he currently serves as the chair of CME’s clearinghouse oversight committee. Additionally, Shepard is the founder and president of Shepard International, a futures commission merchant.

Important Disclosure Requirements

As insiders within the company, corporate executives, board members, and other major shareholders are obligated to report any stock transactions to regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission. These disclosures allow for transparency and provide valuable insights into the decisions made by key figures.

Inside Scoop is a regular feature that covers stock transactions made by insiders such as corporate executives, board members, political figures, and influential individuals. Their insider status necessitates the disclosure of any stock trades with regulatory groups like the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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