Corero Network Security, a leading network security company, has announced that it anticipates a significant boost in adjusted earnings and revenue for the first half of 2023. The company is pleased to share that it has successfully repaid its bank debt in full, further strengthening its financial position.

Positive Market Response

Following this announcement, Corero Network Security’s shares have surged, demonstrating investor confidence in the company’s prospects. As of 0755 GMT, the shares were up by 0.75 pence or 12%, reaching 7.0 pence.

Improved Financial Performance

Corero Network Security expects to report a noteworthy increase in adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). The company predicts that the adjusted EBITDA will reach approximately $200,000, compared to breakeven figures from the previous year.

However, the reported EBITDA is expected to show a loss of approximately $400,000, compared to a profit of around $900,000 in the prior year. This shift can be attributed primarily to unrealized foreign-exchange losses.

Revenue Growth

The company is set to witness a substantial growth in revenue, with an estimated 20% increase to around $10.6 million. This growth is driven by numerous customer wins for Corero Network Security’s flagship SmartWall protection solution. The second quarter, in particular, has seen significant contract momentum, with orders totaling approximately $6.0 million.

Promising Financial Indicators

The order intake, which reflects revenue recognized throughout each contract’s lifetime, has risen by 13% to $13.0 million. Additionally, the annualized recurring revenue has increased by 13% to $15.3 million as of July 1st. These positive financial indicators contribute to higher levels of earnings predictability for the company.

Strong Balance Sheet

Executive Chairman Jens Montanana emphasized the robustness of Corero Network Security’s balance sheet, stating, “I am also delighted that with the strength of the Company’s balance sheet we have been able to repay the outstanding term bank loan in full during the period.” This achievement showcases the company’s financial stability and prudent financial management.

Confidence for the Future

Corero Network Security’s strong performance in the first half of the year has instilled confidence within the company. The positive results achieved during this period are expected to set the stage for a successful full year.

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