Crown Holdings, a leading packaging manufacturer, has recently entered into a significant 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with Enel Green Power España. This landmark deal marks Crown’s first VPPA in Europe, showcasing the company’s commitment to renewable energy initiatives on a global scale.

Partnership with Enel Green Power España

Enel Green Power España, the renewable energy subsidiary of Spanish electric utility Endesa, will be collaborating with Crown Holdings in this groundbreaking agreement. The VPPA will cover all of Crown’s current operational footprint in European countries that are part of the Alliance of Issuing Bodies, which oversees the European Energy Certificate System.

Securing Renewable Electricity

Through this agreement, Crown will secure renewable electricity from a new photovoltaic power station project located in Badajoz, Spain. The power station is set to commence operations in October 2025, providing a substantial amount of clean energy. Crown has committed to receive approximately 70% of the expected annual outputs totaling 285,100 MWh.

Leading the Way in Sustainability

Crown Holdings continues to lead the way in sustainability efforts within the packaging industry. Notably, the company was the first metal packaging manufacturer to transition to renewable electricity in 100% of its U.S. and Canadian beverage can plants, setting a new standard for environmental stewardship.

In conclusion, this innovative VPPA between Crown Holdings and Enel Green Power España signifies a significant step forward in advancing sustainable practices within the European energy landscape.

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