Finding a reliable Forex signals provider is difficult but possible. First, you should pay attention to well-known companies such as Digital Derivatives Markets (DDM). It provides traders with various trading tools and does it with the highest quality. You can learn more about this platform with the help of our review.

Supplier information

DDM is a popular provider of signals and other Forex tools. It started in 2014 and has been active ever since. The owner of this platform is a company of the same name. She conducts her activities as close as possible, so we do not know about the members of her team, managers, and regulators. In addition, there is not even information about the office’s location, which raises severe suspicions of using dishonest ways to earn money. All these negative assumptions are refuted by thousands of traders who use Digital Derivatives Markets signals daily and will not switch to another provider. They also leave a sufficient number of positive reviews proving the reliability of the company and the effectiveness of their Forex signals.

DDM claims to generate trading signals based on fundamental market analysis. We cannot prove or disprove this fact, so we must trust the company’s words. Also, there are no statistical data on the effectiveness of the tools in official sources. DDM strives to expand the range of services provided. In this regard, it is possible to receive Forex live signals affecting dozens of currency pairs, including cryptocurrency. The company has its website. It is convenient and informative and uses it as comfortably as possible.

Digital Derivatives Markets offers clients a variety of pricing plans. They differ in duration (from 14 to 365 days), cost (from $59.90 to $392.40), the number of signals provided per day, and a set of additional features. This variety gives users the freedom to choose, so from the available options, everyone can choose the most suitable one for themselves.

Important features

Even inexperienced traders will be able to make purchases and fully use DDM. To carry out various operations, you need to perform only standard actions, which everyone can figure out. In this case, it is necessary to follow the provided algorithm. Otherwise, you can make a grave mistake that negatively affects the work with DDM.

Action algorithm:

  1.     First of all, go to the DDMarkets website.
  2.     Scroll down the main page and find the “Join us” button.
  3.     You will be transferred to the list of tariff plans with detailed information about each offer by clicking on it. You need to select one of them and click “Apply.»
  4.     Next, the page will be updated, and the registration form will appear on it.
  5.     Fill it out and check if the final amount matches the selected tariff.
  6.     Agree to the terms of cooperation and click “Sign Up With PayPal.»
  7.     Pay the stipulated amount through the specified payment system.
  8.     After that, go through a short verification and authorization process.
  9.     Edit various settings and, if necessary, connect additional services.
  10.   Save the changes, wait for the tips to arrive in your e-mail, and apply them in trading the selected assets.

Only traders who have been using the services of this Forex signals provider for a long time can know all the secrets of DDM. These people share such information with new clients, helping them avoid difficulties.

DDM Features:

  1. Customer support. In DDM, it is pretty primitive. For communication with company representatives, users can only use the feedback form located on one of the site’s pages. There are no other options. At the same time, traders’ requests are processed relatively quickly, and the answers come to the e-mail after a few minutes. Delays can only occur if requests are submitted on weekends or outside business hours.
  2. Educational content. Regarding the quantity and quality of educational materials, DDM is second to none. The provider provides traders with many articles on relevant topics written in a simple and understandable language for everyone. With their help, you can learn the basics of trading and methods of using signals. In addition, the company invites everyone to get acquainted with the features of implementing the provided tools in the trading process.
  3. Payment. You can pay for the services provided only through PayPal. It is with this payment system that the provider cooperates. Therefore it does not offer any alternative options. However, there are positive aspects to such cooperation. They consist of the maximum reduction of the commission from PayPal and the complete absence of costs from DDM for ongoing transactions.
  4. Safety. DDM must communicate to its customers what measures are being taken to improve account security. There is also no information about financial guarantees in case of any disputes with payment. At the same time, security problems are rarely mentioned in customer reviews so this site can be called more or less reliable.

Undoubtedly, DDM is one of the best representatives of its direction. This platform brings together thousands of traders who want to simplify their work on Forex and make it more fruitful. Having considered all its features and learning about the rules of cooperation, you can forget all the difficulties and completely immerse yourself in the workflow.

Go to Digital Derivatives Markets website
DDM can rightly be called a well-known service that provides the best Forex signals. Its popularity is due to dozens of positive qualities not inherent in all competitors. However, it also has some negative aspects that need to be improved shortly.
Exchanges Supported8.8
Customer Support8.6
good quality of services
variety of tariff plans
convenient and informative site
a wide range of services
the possibility of receiving signals for cryptocurrency pairs
freedom to choose a broker
mobile and desktop versions
ease of use of passwords
the efficiency of the support service
minimum information about the company
high prices

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