EA Thomas is an expert advisor seeking to simplify your trading by placing buy/sell orders automatically. It can be used in two auto modes, allowing you to approach the market aggressively or conservatively. The vendor recommends that you test the robot first on a demo or cent account for 2 weeks to identify the best trading conditions before using a real account. 

Product offering 

The system includes the following features: 

  • It works best on the XAUUSD currency pair.
  • Exness is the recommended broker.
  • The minimum balance for trading a single currency pair is $500.
  • The recommended timeframe is H1.
  • The minimum spread should be 30 pips, while a slippage of up to 5 points is alright.
  • It does not work with dangerous strategies like the grid, averaging, martingale, and doubling.
  • It’s compatible with both MT4 and MT5 platforms.

EA Thomas is currently retailing at $149. This pricing is quite fair as it is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. 

The price of EA Thomas.

Vitali Vasilenka is the person who designed this EA. He is a metaverse creator at EA Quantam Lab and is based in Belarus. He is also selling his other trading systems on mql5. They include EA Flower, EA Super 8, EA Syntax, EA Web, EA New Way, EA Donald Duck, etc.  

Trading strategy

According to the vendor, this robot has integrated 5 trading advisors into 1. So, it assesses five entry points simultaneously on various timeframes, depending on the degree of risk, and then selects one of the five to initiate trades in the market. The EA’s features will assist you in determining which trading strategies will be available in searching for points of entry and timeframes to use.  

Trading results

Here are the backtest results for the EA as posted by the vendor:

Backtest results. 

According to this report, the EA was backtested using the 2019-2022 market data on the M5 chart. It used a deposit of $100 to carry out 89682 trades and generated a whopping profit of $16565611.08 for the account. More good news; the maximal drawdown was small (6.95%), proving that the system traded with low risks to the balance. The success rates for short positions were 96.27% and 96.61% for long ones. 

Live trading results are also presented, but the authenticity of the data hasn’t been confirmed by a trusted third-party site like FXBlue or Myfxbook. 

Live trading results of EA Thomas.

The account was opened a few days ago and deposited at $1000. The EA has managed to make a $196.06 profit within 8 trading days. This is quite impressive as it has caused the account’s value to increase by 19.61%. So, the current balance is $1196.06. 

Unfortunately, the system is a risky trader. As of now, it has made numerous losses, raising the drawdown to 38.7%. The average holding time for an order is 3 minutes. 

Trading performance.

There are 111 completed trades that have achieved an average profitability rate of 64.86%. To date, the best trade has made a profit of $167.70, while the worst trade has made the account lose -$42.04. The EA conducts approximately 87 trades per week. 

Customer reviews

EA Thomas has a 4.6 rating on mql5 based on 13 reviews. Obviously, traders are happy with it. As you can see in the screenshot below, some of them say the system is great and produces very good results. However, one user disagrees with these sentiments, stating that the robot doesn’t work as purported. 

The EA’s rating. 

Customer feedback on MQL5. 

Backtest results are available
Compatible with MT4 and MT5 accounts
High drawdown
Works with the XAUUSD currency pair only
Unverified live trading results
The EA is price-friendly and can work on your MT4 or MT5 accounts. However, if the available live results are anything to go by, then the system might be a risky trader. It has eaten away nearly 40% of the capital within a few days of trading.

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