Virtual Private Server (or VPS), a cloud-based virtual machine where you can install your trading platform is a very useful tool especially if you trade automatically. It improves the speed of trade execution and secures your trading. It is widely accessible and ensures that your trading software operates all the time without disruptions. The service is charged as a monthly subscription. Nowadays, some brokers started to offer the service for “free”. So, should it be a deciding factor when you choose your broker? How you should compare the importance of this broker feature to other ones?

First of all, let’s make it clear. Is this “free” service, completely free? Well, it is not. I checked the conditions of 200 Forex brokers and none of them is offering the service completely for free. The majority of those that are offering the service, offer it under certain conditions. These conditions can vary from broker to broker. Some of them will give you free VPS if you have surpassed some deposit amount or require that your equity is greater than a certain amount. The other will give you VPS service if you open certain account types, it is always the one that requires a higher deposit. A few brokers will provide you the service based on your trading volume. There are also the ones that are offering the service at a discounted price.

So, does the VPS offered by the broker has that advantage over any other VPS? Well, yes it does. As one of the advantages that VPS service offers is the speed of execution. The speed of execution is better if VPS and broker servers are at the same location. The broker will always offer you a VPS server that is at the same site as his server so it will guarantee the maximum possible speed of execution.

So, what to look for when we are choosing the broker? Well, the most important question is if the broker is regulated and what is his regulatory body. Regulation guarantees the security of investor’s funds, it creates and controls the rules under which the broker must operate. It will protect you from any malfunctioning caused by the broker and it will be of great help if you run into any dispute with your trading service provider. Regulations like FSA, CySEC, and ASIC will ensure the best service.

Another important factor to watch is the overall trading conditions offered by the broker. Consequently, these conditions can improve your trading results. You must know what trading platform is offered and check if it supports your trading software (if you have one). It is important to know is what are the trading fees and trading commissions. What trading instruments are available and how tight are the spreads. In case your trading style includes scalping, use of expert advisors or you are using signal service you must check whether those features are allowed by the broker.

Now, you can look if the broker is offering “free” VPS service but only if you plan to trade using expert advisors or you plan to subscribe to the signal service. I would never recommend you to increase your planned deposit size or trading volume just to meet the broker requirement for “free” VPS. It should not be your deciding factor. It only could be if you cannot decide between two or more brokers that meet regulation and your trading conditions requirement.

I also tend to read independent reviews when I am choosing a broker. But you should be very careful here because you will find many fake (both positive and negative) reviews on the Internet. Forex Peace Army is one of the best resources for broker reviews. It also has many many fake reviews. However, I would not recommend you use the broker has a scam verdict or so many bad reviews on the site.

Finally, do not forget to check the deposit and withdrawal options. And check the availability of their customer service during the trading sessions.

In short, VPS service offered by the broker is something nice to have, definitely not a deciding factor. The more important factors to watch are the regulation and overall trading conditions. VPS service is necessary for the automated trading style and you can always find a third-party solution if it is not included in your broker offer. Please, take a look at few brokers offering VPS service.

FXDD – proprietary VPS at discounted price

FX Choice – free if your account balance is above $3000

FX Open – free if your account equity is above $5000 or if monthly trading volume is above $10M

GKFX – offers VPS at discounted price

IC Markets – free if your monthly trading volume is above 15 lots

iTrader – free for Platinum account type

Key to Markets – credit up to $35 of monthly fee if the monthly trading volume is above 50 lots

Orbex – free for Premium and Ultimate account types

RoboForex – free if your account equity is greater that $300

XM – free if your account equity is greater than $5000 and monthly trading volume is above 5 lots

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