FX Delta is an instrument that allows the trader to increase a profit with the help of market tendencies. The program was developed by a professional trader Jordan Kuzmanov in 2016.

What is FX Delta

FX Delta defines strong tendencies developed by financial establishments (as banks or hedge-fonds), at the same time, it distinguishes those from weak or false ones. Also, the system has a definition for places where the trend is going to continue or reverse. 

All the work of the company is based on two elements. The first one is Delta Scanner. It is a fast and effective visual instrument that defines the market that is developing now and is suitable for trading. All markets are covered by Forex, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This is the first step of the trading process. 

FX Delta Phases

The next element is the Delta Dashboard. This includes such areas as:

  1. Navigation, data is collected here that the trader is looking for, levels checked by the settings. That is, this section sets the direction for further trade, the range of security.
  2. Trade management – the goal, the ratio of risk and profit to the goal, stop loss in points.

FX Delta Support is open 24/7.

Key features of FX Delta

FX Delta operates on Metatrader4 trading platform, so there should be no problems with choosing a broker.

FX Delta has shortcut buttons for opening or closing orders. The program has a fully customizable scanner layout and trading template. It is possible to use fixed lots or risk accounts. Lot sizes, risks, and volumes are adjusted after the signal is sent.

News and Updates Traders can receive updates and news through pop-up alerts, e-mails, or alerts on their mobile devices.

The user is provided with a complete guide to use, video tutorials, webinars and the book “Quick Divergence Course”.

FX Delta Trading Strategy

The developers assure that the trading strategy from FX Delta can be successfully used by both professionals and novice traders.

Users are provided with all the necessary materials and in the format of video lessons. The strategy is described in the smallest details, and the only thing that is required from the trader is the desire to understand everything.

FX Delta Trading Strategy

The program scans trends on long time frames while looking for market corrections on short time frames. After that, the software algorithm determines the best entrances to the market, that is, places with the highest probability of continuing the trend and minimal risk. Algorithms use momentum and volume along with price action to achieve trend identification and are suitable for both intraday trading and long-term trading.

Trading Results

On the official website, users are available all the data on trading activities, on the main page they are presented in the form of tables and diagrams. Anyone can familiarize themselves with them in detail.

FX Delta Trading Results

The tables contain the entry price, stop loss, two take profit options and the final result. Here you can also see images for entering and exiting each transaction.

The only drawback of all of this data is its inconsistency. There is no verification as such. There is no Myfxbook account or anything that could prevent the seller from manipulating trading results.

Customer Reviews

Most of the comments presented on the official website of the company were positive. Many traders are satisfied with the work with the assistant and express their respect to the creator of the organization, Jordan Kuzmanov.

However, in the network, you can also find negative statements about the company’s activities. Some comments even mention fraud by FX Delta employees. Some people complain about problems with the withdrawal of funds.

The creator of FX Delta is a very respected man in the Forex field. He began to trade back in 2009, later he became one of the teachers in the trading club of Vladimir Rybakov. Kuzmanov has developed a trading strategy that meets any needs and personalities of each trader. However, the initial capital, in comparison with other companies, is great here. The deposit must have at least 500 base currencies. There is also no information on the trading results of FX Delta users on the site. Rather, they are, but verification of their authenticity is not possible.

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