FX Vortex Indicator is a brand new MT4 trading software presented by PRIMEFX. It is designed to generate BUY/SELL signals on the chart. FX Vortex advertises itself as an advanced trend follower system. The developers promise to provide us with the ultimate trading tool that can generate consistent profits and is suitable for both novice and experienced forex traders. In our review, we’re going to check if those bold claims can be confirmed and whether FX Vortex Indicator is worth trying in real trading.

The Forex market is filled with tons of different trading indicators, but what makes FX Vortex so unique that you should use it? According to the presentation, the main reason to trust this software is that it was developed by excellent traders and programmers working together for many years. However, we couldn’t find any reliable information about the vendor, except a few reviews on FPA on primefx.org website that used to provide managed account services. Customers are complaining that PrimeFX is a scam. We’re not entirely sure that this company is somehow related to the FX Vortex software development team, but it’s definitely a red flag.

Product Offering

TYPEForex Indicator

The vendor offers an unlimited trading license to use the software with 2 years of free updates. For $99, you will get system files, a detailed user guide with an instruction manual, and a lifetime 24/7 support. Here are some of FX Vortex features:

  • The system generates signals in an easy-to-follow way, showing take profit and stop-loss levels;
  • No repainting on the chart;
  • Free updates (FX Vortex 2.0 is available starting from 23.03.2020);
  • Three different types of alerts: MT4 alerts, email or mobile push notifications.

How FX Vortex Indicator Works

We couldn’t find any strategy explanations that can give us an insight on how this indicator finds an opportunity to make profits. The devs provide a quick instruction on how to use it after installation:

  1. Before the entry, the software will paint a grey gravity zone on the chart in order to notify you that a new signal will be generated soon.
  2. Entry. Indicator will generate a signal with 3 take profit points.
  3. Take-Profit / Stop-Loss levels set by the trader.

Trading Results

Our team couldn’t find any 3rd party verified trading results of accounts using this indicator. The presentation on the website includes some screenshots of profitable trades on different currency pairs made using FX Vortex. We don’t consider these images as a reliable source and proof of profitability.

fx vortex indicator on the chart

Non-repaint indicator
3 types of alerts
No verified trading results
Lack of strategy explanations
Lack of client feedback
We couldn't find any reason why traders should consider this signal provider. Aside from the presentation with good looking charts, there's nothing special about the service. If the software really can show consistent profits, where are the real trading results to confirm this statement? While this is not there, we don't recommend to use FX Vortex in real trading.

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