FXHelix is a brand-new fully automated forex robot that is designed to trade AUDUSD currency pair only. The vendor promises that FXHelix utilizes safe type of trading with high profitability. Let’s find out if this robot can find its place in the best forex robots table.

The website design is quite decent but still it looks like unfinished. The presentation lasts only four pages. So, we didn’t expect we would find everything we need to understand the robot and the vendor. All we know about FXHelix is that its website has been created by ForexStore development team. The pros of the presentations are that the real account link is on the first page.

According to the advertising, FXHelix trades without martingale in 90% of cases and can open multiple trades to achieve profit. The robot is designed to find, collect, and proceed with the data about deviation in the price movement to find a way to get profit.

FXHelix Offering

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There’s only one version of FXHelix robot available, which costs $210 for one lifetime license with updates.

The vendors provide their customers with 30 days money-back guarantee in case EA will lose more than 40% of deposit using recommended settings.

FXHelix Trading Strategy

The EA collects and analyzes recent data on price movements. It compares this data with the average rate of price movements to find a deviation, and based on this analysis, predicts in which direction the price will move next and starts to trade. In order to guarantee high profitability forex robot uses grid strategy and can open multiple trades simultaneously.

Vendors claim that FXHelix doesn’t use scalping or arbitrage strategies. However, in some cases, it can place orders based on Martingale strategy, which can be dangerous for accounts with smaller resources.

FXHelix Backtest Results Chart with Statistics

The backtest of this strategy with 100% risk you can see on the screenshot above. The profit factor was 2.02. The win rate was about 72% for longs and shorts. The maximal DD was 95.8%, considering the fact that the robot has a drawdown control.

FXHelix Backtest Results Chart with Statistics

Here’s another backrest with RiskLimit value set to 35%. The results are pretty much the same.

Trading Results

Let’s take a look at the real data. The robot has been applied to the real USD account with the $2000 deposit, FXOpen as a brokerage company trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account was deployed in July 2018. During a half and a year, it could manage to grow the balance in 5.47 times.

FXHelix Real Trading Results Chart

The robot has traded 137 deals with 1479 pips. The average win-rate across the trades is 70-72%. The average trade length is 11 days. The profit factor is very solid and equals 2.16.

FXHelix Real Trading Statistics Data

Monthly gains are impressive, however, we can see a declining performance at the end of 2019.

And only 1.56% gain in January 2020, which is disappointing.

FXHelix Monthly Gain Change Chart for 2020

Customer Reviews

Searching across the web, we couldn’t find any reviews from real customers that can share their experience of using this forex robot.

High profitability
Over 500 days of trading on the real account
30-day money-back guarantee
Cheap price
Huge drawdowns
Declining performance
Lack of customer feedback
Lack of a robot’s setting explanations
We want to notice that the robot has the potential to grow your account, but it has some significant cons. Taking into account its declining performance and lack of customer feedback, we award FXHelix with an average rating.

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