FxHT Daily Trend EA is a trading robot that claims it can help traders generate significant profits with little risk, according to the developer. This EA is simple to set up and run, making it a good choice for novice traders. This EA’s most notable feature is that it is very new and has a small user base. This could explain why there’s scanty information about it out there. We’ll go over its features, functionality, and vendor claims in the sections that follow.

Product offering

This EA can be used with any broker or account type, regardless of their type. According to the vendor, this EA employs low-risk trading strategies. However, as you shall see in the discussion below, the EA’s trading results are not transparent.This makes it a huge gamble for both expert and novice traders to use it.

The vendor does not provide any detail on the team or firm behind the EA. For example, they do not say where the company is located or the professional background of its developers. Sadly, the only thing we know about the vendor is that it sells other trading robots like “ProHT Trend”, “Rotterdam” and “Holland Trader”.

The company is evidently out to attract more users and has an affiliate program that pays 30 percent commission on all referral sales. However, a referral program for a company with a hidden identity seems rather unprofessional.


  • You can trade with any high-volatility pair.
  • It does not use a martingale.
  • There are no grids used.
  • Does not employ hedging.
  • Monday through Friday, the system is able to support FX trading.


A reasonable price of $190 will get you this robot. However, you need a minimum deposit of $1000 to trade on the premium account. Alternatively, you can trade with a $10 cent account as an alternative if you’d prefer. 

Trading strategy

FxHT Daily Trend stop loss and take profit are two of the many strategies employed by the EA to secure maximum earnings. In other words, all we can say about the trading system is that it uses standard order types. Hedging, martingale, and grid techniques are not included in the system, according to the manufacturer. 

Four major currency pairs are well-suited to the EA’s abilities. When it comes to currency pairs, it really shines on the EURUSD. This system employs an intraday scalping method as its primary strategy. The manufacturer recommends using a fixed lot or money management. Leverage must be at least 1:3. 

Trading results

FxHT Daily Trend EA trading results are available on MyFXBook, and they show that this robot has returned a profit of $304 from an investment of $10,000 on May 17, 2022. This represents a profit of 3.05% over a period of about one month. 

This proves that the EA is capable of returning profits to its users.  Also, it has registered a low drawdown of 0.74%. Therefore, this  gives it a favorable assessment, especially considering that it is a relatively new robot.  

FxHT Daily Trend EA results on MyFXBook

Customer reviews

FxHT Daily Trend is a brand-new HollandTrader product. For that reason, there aren’t any reliable user reviews from trusted sites like TrustPilot. As a result, it is impossible to gather firsthand information about the user’s experience. Nonetheless, MyFXBook is a reliable source of information on the robot’s performance, as we have seen on MyFXBook  screenshot above.

As a new EA, the FxHT Daily Trend EA may take some time to establish momentum in the market. However, the company's performance thus far indicates that it is capable of bringing in profits. However, the company's long-term success will be the deciding factor in its capacity to generate profits consistently. In addition to this, there is a lack of openness on who really owns it, which is a cause for concern.

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