FXHT MultiCurrency EA is a trading advisor that can execute orders on demo or real accounts. The presentation includes almost no information about how the system functions.

Product offering

The presentation includes some claims about the system. However, without live trading results, it is difficult to check if they are trustworthy.

  • The robot can execute orders automatically for us.
  • It can be used with any broker house.
  • The minimal deposit requirements are $500 for every cross pair we want to trade.
  • It has to work with 1:30 leverage.
  • The lot size to start work with should be 0.01.
  • We can trade with high volatile pairs like EURUSD.
  • The advisor doesn’t work with risky strategies such as Martingale, Grid, and Hedge.
  • The core strategy is intraday scalping.
  • It seeks trading opportunities 24/5.
  • The robot doesn’t require any further optimizations.
  • We have to measure risks which we can bear.
  • The past trading calculations can’t determine future trading results.

We have a sale. So, the system is available for $120 instead of $400.00. We have no idea what features the package includes. The offer is delivered without a refund policy. So, we have no idea that if the system doesn’t work well we will be able to get our money back.

Trading strategy

  • The advisor works with an intraday scalping strategy. It is based on how the market performs during the core trading sessions – European and American.
  • There are four unmentioned pairs. The developers didn’t reveal them to us.
  • We don’t know what time frame the system works on for sure. 

Trading results

FXHT MultiCurrency EA profile on Myfxbook.

The developers removed their profile where the FXHT MultiCurrency EA worked. This means that something happened. So, the account was lost. 

FXHT MultiCurrency EA screenshot of backtest report.

We have only a backtest report that was performed on unnamed pairs and the data from February to October 2021. The period is pretty short. The absolute gain has amounted to voer 3300.5%. An average monthly gain was 51.17%. The maximum drawdown was 4.11%. The system executed 6151 deals with obtaining almost 36000 pips. An average win was 8.09 pips when an average loss was -24.79 pips. The win rate was 93% for long and 92% for short trades. An average trade length was 5 hours. It traded with a profit factor of 4.36

Customer reviews

We have no customer reviews written about how good the system is and what experience they have, using it. It’s a con because without trading results and testimonials it would be impossible to trust the system all the way.

The developers allow us to buy the robot with $280 OFF
No team revealed
No settings explanations provided
No risk advice given
No trading results available
Trading account was removed
No refund policy applied
No testimonials written
FXHT MultiCurrency EA is a trading solution that has a simplified presentation. It looks like the developers don’t want to increase the trust level of the system. The presentation includes a backtest report that was only 9-months long. The system had its own trading account where it worked. Alas, the developers removed it from the listing and they didn’t deploy another one. In addition to this, we cannot rely on money refund as the devs do not include it.

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