According to the developers, the FXSecret Immortal is an Expert advisor which promises a daily gain of 1.64 %. It is a very prudential and reliable EA, designed in a way to ensure that the account does not go bankrupt, no matter what the situation is. 

The EA was formally launched in 2019 and consists of 3 robot strategies. The website looks decent, professionally designed and has attempted to justify their claims by attaching some back-testing results. Transparency is a key element in the EA market and is appreciated by any potential user. 

FXSecret Offering

Trading Style – Martingale
Developer – FXSECRET
Timeframe – H1
Recommended Broker – supports MT4 
Recommended Deposit – $1400 for reliable trading and $700 for aggressive trading
Price – $549
Refund policy – 30 days money back through Avangate 

General Characteristics

  • FX Secret provides users a very efficient and responsive platform which makes setting up an account easier. 
  • The EA works on a 24 hour basis, on all weekdays, opening trades without limits. 
  • It also provides some settings templates, which have been used previously with real accounts.
  • It allows users to customise and create a unique Forex strategy that they can use. This can be done by adjusting the various parameters available. 

FXSecret Trading Strategy

It is recommended that we use certain pairs such as AUD/USD, EUR/USD and USD/JPY to utilise the strategy to the fullest. The EA utilises a Martingale strategy, which can be a bit complex for novice traders. There have been many EAs in the past that have employed the Martingale strategy and are responsible for draining the users account in the blink of an eye. 

Trading/Back-Testing Results

From the information provided by them on the site, the EA has a publicly disclosed account which is running from February 2016, owned by FXOpen, and hosted at MyFxBook. Prospective customers always look for verified trading test results from authoritative sites such as Myfxbook or FXblue. In this aspect, the EA does not disappoint.

fxsecret trading results chart

As indicated by the screenshot above, the account shows an astronomical overall gain of 9254.95%. However, one point of concern is the large dropdown of 65.84%, indicating that there is a high level of risk which can lead to the entire account being blown out.

Each of the EAs come with a lifetime license for real and demo accounts
Detailed User Manual also provided
Professional assistance and active support team
Unreliable trading results with large drawdown percentage
Lack of transparency when it comes to the strategy employed
Comparatively Expensive
Negative customer reviews
After going through the features on offer by FXSecret, it seems the product is not worth the $549 price tag. Additionally, the trading test results included were not satisfactory with a huge drawdown percentage. Other issues such as the overall lack of transparency, discredits much of what they have to offer. There are several Forex EAs with proven track records available at the same price range or even less.

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