Gannett, the prominent mass media holding company, has been found liable for defamation in a significant case heard by the District Court in Oklahoma.

In the case of Scott O. Sapulpa v. Gannett Co. Inc., a jury awarded the plaintiff $5 million in actual damages. Furthermore, the jury determined that Gannett acted with actual malice and intentional infliction of emotional distress, resulting in an additional $20 million awarded in punitive damages.

Although disappointed with the verdict, Gannett plans to seek appellate review of the case. The company stresses that no credible evidence was presented during the trial to indicate that The Oklahoman, part of Gannett’s media portfolio, knowingly published false information or intended harm to the plaintiff. Gannett believes that errors in the court’s administration of the case and a flawed trial process influenced the jury verdict.

Gannett asserts that any awarded damages, if upheld, will be covered by insurance. As a result, the company does not anticipate a significant impact on its financials or liquidity.

We eagerly await further developments in this noteworthy legal battle.

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