Honda has a bold vision for the future of electric vehicles (EVs), one that goes against the current trend of heavy and complex designs. CEO Toshihiro Mibe envisions a completely new approach, focusing on thin, light, and smart EVs to enhance the joy and freedom of mobility. This vision will become a reality with the launch of the Honda 0 (zero) Series, set to hit the global market in 2026.

At CES in Las Vegas, Honda teased its upcoming lineup of EVs, the Honda 0 Series, which aims to rival Toyota’s “beyond zero” lineup. Unlike Honda’s first mainstream EV, the Prologue, which relies on General Motors’ technology, the 0 Series is developed entirely in-house.

The Honda 0 Saloon: A Game-Changing Concept

The flagship concept model of the Honda 0 Series is called “the Saloon.” In Europe, this term refers to a sedan, and Honda aims to create a revolutionary concept that combines a low and wide exterior with an unexpectedly spacious interior. The design is reminiscent of a sleek and aggressive sports wagon, resembling something Lamborghini might create if they ventured into this market.

While specific details about the propulsion system are undisclosed, Honda mentions that the Saloon introduces new advancements in steer-by-wire and motion control management systems. Leveraging their expertise in robotics, Honda incorporates posture control technology to assist drivers in various driving situations.

Although it may seem too avant-garde for immediate showroom availability, Honda assures us that a production vehicle based on the Saloon concept will be available in North America by 2026.

The Honda 0 Space-Hub

The Honda 0 Space-Hub is a concept vehicle that resembles a futuristic minivan. Its sleek and minimalistic design, reminiscent of a bullet train, is accentuated by a windowless rear hatch surrounded by red LEDs. Honda refers to it as the “Space-Hub” because it offers a flexible space that can easily accommodate passengers while serving as a hub that connects people to each other and the outside world. However, Honda has not confirmed if a production version of the Space-Hub will be released.

New logo, high-density batteries

As part of its electric efforts, Honda has introduced a new logo specifically for its electric vehicles. The logo is based on the classic Honda H but is designed to symbolize two outstretched hands, representing Honda’s commitment to expanding the possibilities of mobility and meeting the needs of its customers.

In addition to the new logo, Honda has teased several new electric vehicle technologies. Future models in the 0 series will feature e-Axles, which provide excellent power and efficiency while maintaining a lightweight design.

Honda will also incorporate high-density batteries into its electric vehicles, offering ample range while minimizing battery size. Although details about the battery chemistry have not been disclosed, Honda promises fast-charging capabilities, with a 10-15 minute charging time to go from 15% to 80% battery capacity.

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