cTrader mobile applications provide a complete history of all executed trades, closed positions, and done orders allowing clients to see their trading activities. A single click on any trade in the list brings the app to a dedicated page that provides all the information about the trader.

Customers do not have to exit the app in order to access the information they need about their transactions.

cTrader apps are available for iOS and Android and allow traders to access their accounts from any location. In both apps, native design patterns, layouts, and controls make it easier for new users to get started. It supports more than 20 languages, making it easier for customers from across the world to use.

As a result of being native, the new cTrader mobile applications look different in iOS and Android devices. They appeared the same on both Windows and Mac OS X in the previous version of the software. New users will be able to adapt to the app more quickly because the design style is simple and easy to navigate.


Over 50 indicators and 26 timeframes are available in cTrader mobile. The built-in notification system ensures that you won’t miss any trade alerts or price notifications. As a result, you’ll always know how your trading account is going.

Investor sentiment

The cTrader app shows the percentage of traders that are long and short. You’ll therefore be able to quickly assess the market’s sentiment. When it comes to deciding whether or not to engage a trade, this may prove to be an invaluable tool.

User experience

This app is designed in a manner that ensures that you will hardly miss your PC. Intuitive charting and smooth trading make for a pleasant trading experience. In addition, using QuickTrade, you may choose your most often used order sizes. It makes it possible to use a smartphone to trade successfully and with refinement.

CTrader Mobile allows you to trade from your smartphone in a highly responsive environment. It has an interface that can be used to execute trades, close orders, amend orders, and manage accounts while you’re on the move.

The information panel

One of the most useful new features in cTrader mobile is the cTrader Blotter data panel. This is because it provides traders with all of the information they need to make informed trading decisions, including completing orders, closing positions, and balancing operations.

Full-screen trading

Trading on mobile phones has a severe disadvantage because of their small screens. It is generally less effective to carry out your analytics on mobile phones, but the new 4.1 version of the cTrader Mobile has made significant improvements. The most frequently used chart elements and choices may now be accessed with a simple tap. A prolonged tap brings up more complex options and a more comprehensive view. The platform offers a better mobile trading experience with an upgraded on-the-go charting experience.

Enhanced charting experience

Traders using full-screen charting will appreciate the responsiveness and fluidity of the charts. The app’s 26 periods and more than 50 indicators can be used to their full potential on a smartphone. You can zoom in and forth with a pinch, move the timeline ahead or backward in time by flinging the device, and re-center the chart by double tapping it.

Chart periods

Another time-saver is the ability to customize Favorite Chart Periods feature to your liking. This allows for quick access to selected periods on the charting package by limiting the number of taps and swipes required.


An easy-to-use symbol overview screen keeps traders up-to-date on the latest symbol information. Traders can now see all of the information they need in one place, making it easier for them to make informed decisions.

Trading at a faster pace

Using a mobile device to trade efficiently is possible on cTrader mobile, owing to clever design and easy-to-understand user interface. Order tickets and QuickTrade are the two methods available for trading. A single press of a QuickTrade button sends a market order immediately, allowing quick decisions to be made. Pre-programmed preferences are employed using QuickTrade.

Order tickets provide a simple means for traders to place market orders as well as stop and stop limit orders, allowing them to easily adjust order size, protection levels, and other variables.

There are a variety of tools available to traders including standard symbol information, real-time sentiment, a trading calendar that incorporates a dynamic leverage schedule, and their own transaction records.

In-app alerts

This function allows you to receive alerts on your mobile device in real time. It is not different from the way that cTrader sends notifications if you use the online or desktop versions. With this in hand, you can turn off email notifications and solely rely on in-app alerts. This can help you save space on your email by preventing the flooding of your inbox with hundreds of emails every day. 

In summary

For the most part, cTrader terminal for mobile trading is a platform that aims to provide the same capabilities as the web-based application built by the platform’s owner.  The software has room for improvement, but it provides a number of useful features for traders. If your device supports it, you’re all set.

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