The shares of MIRA Pharmaceuticals are experiencing a surge in trading today, following the company’s announcement about a groundbreaking synthetic THC analog called MIRA1a. According to MIRA, this new compound has the potential to become a unique prescription medication with distinct properties not found in traditional THC and fewer side effects.

During the recent Cannabinoid Derived Drug Development Summit in Boston, MIRA presented data from pre-clinical studies, which demonstrated that MIRA1a not only enhances cognitive performance but also reduces anxiety. Additionally, it showed promising results in models of neuropathic pain.

Adam Kaplin, the president and chief scientific officer at MIRA, highlighted the potential cognitive impairment associated with marijuana use. He emphasized that a single molecular change from THC to MIRA1a opens up new possibilities for the future of cannabinoids in healthcare and disease treatment.

As of 12:17 p.m. ET, MIRA shares were trading at $4.58, representing an impressive 43% increase. The trading volume reached over 2.1 million shares, well above the stock’s 65-day average volume of 72,405. The stock experienced multiple trading pauses today due to its substantial volatility.

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