By Anthony O. Goriainoff

Johnson Service Group, a prominent textile rental company in the UK, is expected to report a significant boost in revenue for the year 2023. The company also anticipates that its adjusted operating profit will align with market expectations.

According to Johnson, the total revenue for last year is projected to reach approximately £464 million ($590.5 million), a notable increase from £385.7 million in 2022. Notably, the hotel, restaurant, and catering sector witnessed a surge in revenue, rising from £251.1 million to £322 million. Similarly, the workwear business also experienced growth, with revenue climbing to £142 million compared to £134.6 million previously.

The company’s strategy to expand its processing capacity at several sites has contributed to the escalating volumes within the hotel, restaurant, and catering divisions, particularly as the spring season commences.

Furthermore, Johnson has observed a consistent increase in sales activity for workwear during the second half of the year. This impressive growth has been further supported by the introduction of a range of innovative garments tailored to specific sectors.

Johnson Service Group’s board expresses utmost confidence in future growth and performance over the medium term. The company remains committed to expanding its geographical coverage and processing capacity.

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