JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon has recently made headlines by selling a significant number of shares from his bank for the first time. The sale included 683,038 JPMorgan shares valued at $125 million, with an average price of $182.73 per share. His spouse, Judith Kent, also participated in the sale, offloading 138,740 shares for $25.3 million at the same average price.

Detailed Transaction Information

  • Ownership Details: Dimon still maintains ownership of 311,861 JPMorgan shares in a personal account, 8,707 shares in a 401(k) plan, and 152,940 shares through a limited liability company.
  • Trust Holdings: The trusts now possess 6.6 million JPMorgan shares, while Kent’s ownership stands at 595,316 shares.

Trading Mechanism Explanation

The sales were executed through a Rule 10b5-1(c) plan, which automatically carries out trades based on preset conditions like price and volume. This mechanism aims to eliminate any potential bias resulting from insider knowledge of nonpublic information.

Future Selling Plans

Dimon’s planned selling involves 1 million shares and is set to continue until Aug. 23, as per JPMorgan’s recently filed 10-K report. The purpose cited for these sales includes financial diversification and tax-planning strategies.

Stock Performance and Record High

JPMorgan stock hit a record high of $183.42 during Thursday trading sessions and has registered a year-to-date gain of 7.6%.


Jamie Dimon’s decision to sell JPMorgan shares signifies a strategic move for financial planning and diversification. Stay tuned for more insights on stock transactions by corporate insiders and prominent figures.

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