Killa Gorilla FX Robot: a review of a free trading robot on martingale

Killa Gorilla FX Robot is state-of-the-art software that is designed for the Forex currency market, has a flexible settings system. And it allows all users to receive daily profits in the range of $ 50-20,000. The project first appeared in 2015, by the time of the current review (December 2019). It had received several improvements and is fully ready for use on any timeframes and currency pairs. The most interesting part is that if you go to the official site and try to find the price, you will find out that this is a free program available for free download. Let’s take a closer look at its characteristics and try to understand what kind of product it is and whether it is worth installing it.

General characteristics

The site does not have detailed information about the developers and the trading strategy underlying the program. There are many motivating fragments where the Killa Gorilla FX Robot Expert Advisor is positioned as a win-win solution to all financial problems. If we discard the entire marketing part, we get the following:

  1. The product is fully automatic, works around the clock and after installation will not require any additional effort from the user.
  2. The program is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 platform and should be used together with a high-quality VPS server for optimal results.
  3. You can trade with any currency pairs (in priority Euro / Dollar and Australian Dollar / US Dollar) and on any timeframe.
  4. The adviser independently manages open positions, controls the level of risk and compensates for losses according to the martingale method.
  5. You can use any deposit for work, however, the recommended minimum is at the level of $ 5000-10,000 – if it is less, then Killa Gorilla FX Robot simply does not have time to place compensating orders to exit the first small drawdown.

killa gorilla forex trading robot features

In addition to the above, the project has another additional feature – you can install the program on any demo account, however, you can only trade with IC Markets broker on a real deposit. All other news and descriptions do not interest us, because they are published exclusively for PR and do not help to evaluate the real possibilities of the project.

Test results

A special section is provided on the site, in which 25 tests are collected that show the work of the adviser on different settings (by default, the developers took an annual period and a starting deposit of $50,000). At the end of the reporting period, all the settings worked in positive and added to the balance from $5,000 to $167,000. This is an excellent return, which should be considered with one important clarification: the tests performed are simulated and have never been made on a real deposit (for details, see the user agreement in the paragraph on CFTC 4.41 rule).

An online broadcast has been added to the site, allowing online monitoring of the program. It would be a great option if it were for real.

User reviews

At the time of the review, we did not find detailed comments in which one of the traders could provide statistics and confirm the declared performance of the Killa Gorilla FX Robot. There are several references to tests on a demo account, but their success can be divided equally: some have extra profitability, while others quickly merge everything. An interesting feature is that the developers follow all the reviews and leave detailed text for about the following character under each critical post: we are not like everyone we don’t take money for our product (not a word about the partner deductions from the broker) we offer each user a lot of flexible settings we are not to blame for the fact that someone does not know how to configure the adviser and work correctly with it. Evaluate the level of such arguments yourself, however, in our opinion, this is complete cynicism when developers mask the algorithm of a dangerous Forex robot as user illiteracy.

killa gorilla forex trading robot reviews

Killa Gorilla FX Robot is a shareware trading advisor that we do not recommend using for the following set of reasons:
  1. The development team did not introduce themselves and did not confirm their professional status.
  2. All tests carried out are simulated and never carried out in reality.
  3. The site does not provide a detailed description of the trading algorithm, and it’s known that the martingale method is used to manage money - a dangerous trading tactic that increases the bet amount for every loss and during regular trading it is guaranteed to lose all funds.
  4. The developers adapted their product only for one affiliate broker, whose minimum deposit is $200 - this is the basic minimum that is not enough for the program to work normally (at least $5000-10,000).
An additional danger of Killa Gorilla FX Robot is that it can be installed free of charge on a demo account of any brokerage company - in theory, users can conduct objective tests that are supported and do not reflect the real state of things. That is, during the training bidding you will receive the promised performance, but in reality, you will lose all your invested funds (you will be very lucky if you take the risk and start with $200). That’s all with us. Write in the comments what you think about such super programs and how many more beginner traders will fall into the tricks of scammers.

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