Leveraged GRID Bot is an automated crypto trading system. It is based on an efficient trading strategy derived from the grid robot. It is one of the few systems in the market that lets you trade with leverage, thus increasing the chances to make larger profits. In this review, we are going to analyze the different aspects of the bot.

About Leveraged GRID Bot

This is a crypto bot launched by the Pionex team. It can be used with the in-house exchange to place trades with ease. The settings of this system are configurable, so you can adjust them to suit your trading style.

Payment Options: N/A
Price:  Free
Supported Exchanges: Pionex

Leveraged GRID Bot features 

This bot has a setting called the trigger price. When the value of the asset reaches this price, the automated system is triggered to be created. It also uses stop loss as a risk-management technique. It automatically closes the order when the asset’s price drops to this level. On the other hand, if the value rises to the take profit level, the orders are closed and the assets returned.

There is a slippage control parameter that lets you regulate price deviations. The funds you dedicate to the bot are not connected to the other assets you hold, so in the event of liquidation, you won’t lose any of your assets.

How does it work?

On the website terminal, you can find this bot on the right side. To access the parameter settings, you need to click on the CREATE button. From here, you can set the upper price and the lower price. These two values define the boundaries of the grid and the bot will not process trades beyond the limits. 

By assigning a value to the Grids parameter, you can divide the upper and lower prices into corresponding portions. You also need to specify the total amount of assets to be allocated to the bot. From the settings, you can also see the liquidation price and the live lending rate. 

Compatible exchanges 

All trades conducted by this bot take place through the Pionex exchange. This is the in-house exchange of the robot so you don’t need to connect to any external exchanges. 

How does Leveraged GRID Bot Crypto Bot stand out?

Not all crypto bots let you trade with leverage. This bot, by doing so, gives you the opportunity to make larger profits. The operations of this system are quite simple and you don’t need any special technical knowledge to make it work. Also, the fact that it has an in-house exchange makes trading convenient.

Best for: high-volume investors

Those who trade in high volume usually look for affordable trading systems. With this bot, you have to pay a very small fee per trade. Since it has a mobile app, you can place orders on the go.


This is a free trading platform with no subscription charges. You need to pay a 0.05% maker and taker fee for each trade. 

How safe is Leveraged GRID Bot?

This bot is licensed to operate in sixteen US states. It has the backing of renowned organizations like Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital, and ZhenFund. For added security, you can enable 2-factor authentication. This will prevent others from accessing your data even if they get your password.

Leveraged GRID Bot reputation

The parent company behind this bot was formed in 2019. Based in Singapore, the company is headed by Daniel Seng-Cheng Yeo, the global CEO who has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. The team consists of 80 members, all of whom have vast industry experience.

Is it a good choice for beginners?

Yes, this bot is an excellent choice for beginners. There is no complex installation process and the user interface is quite intuitive. On the official website, you can find detailed explanations for all the settings, so novice traders should find it easy to conduct trades through this platform.

Vendor Transparency:8
In-built exchange
Opportunity to trade with large capital
Low trading fee
No demo account available
Leveraged GRID Bot: the bottom line
This is a system that uses a high-end strategy that lets you generate steady profits. The company behind this robot has a stellar reputation and is headed by industry experts. You can use the robot for free and the trading fee for each trade is quite low compared to other systems.

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