Meta Platforms, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, has recently introduced Threads, a microblogging app that aims to compete with Twitter. Within just seven hours of its launch, Threads garnered over 10 million users, as confirmed by Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in a post on the app itself.

Here are the key details about Threads:

Leveraging Instagram’s Massive User Base

Threads exhibits impressive momentum in terms of user sign-ups, indicating that Meta’s decision to tap into Instagram’s extensive user base of over two billion accounts was a wise move. In both the Apple and Google Play stores, Threads is presented as “an Instagram app.” By linking their Threads account to their Instagram profile, users can seamlessly transfer their usernames, profile pictures, and existing connections.

Utilizing Instagram as the foundation for Threads, at least initially, demonstrates Meta’s strategic approach as it sets its sights on surpassing Twitter, Elon Musk’s primary competitor. Although Threads will need further growth to catch up with Twitter’s staggering 200 million daily users, it is already on track to outpace the popular Twitter alternative, Mastodon, which has amassed more than 13 million users since its establishment in 2016.

Overall, Meta Platforms’ launch of Threads indicates a promising challenge to the status quo of the microblogging landscape, setting the stage for potential industry disruption in the future.

Brands and Celebrities Embrace Threads

Threads, the newest social network, is gaining traction among brands and celebrities already present on Instagram. This early adoption is expected to attract advertisers in the future, further solidifying Threads’ position in the market.

Notable figures like singer Shakira and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay were lined up for the launch of Threads, demonstrating the platform’s appeal to high-profile individuals. Moreover, corporate giants like Netflix and American Airlines Group have already begun posting on the app, indicating their eagerness to leverage the potential of this innovative social network.

However, it’s essential to note that Threads currently lacks advertising options. Consequently, revenue generated from the platform is expected to be nominal for Meta, the parent company, at least in the short term. Meta’s priority lies in building a substantial user base before focusing on monetization strategies.

European Launch Delayed

Not all news is positive for Meta, as Threads has yet to launch in the European Union. The company is facing challenges in complying with the EU’s stringent technology regulations regarding data sharing across various platforms. This delay has left European users eagerly waiting for Threads, with no specific timeline announced.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Connor Hayes, Instagram’s Vice President of Product, revealed that Meta requires additional time to address the EU’s regulatory requirements before introducing Threads in the bloc.

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