According to a report by IDC, global shipments of PC monitors experienced a significant decline of 17.1% year over year during the second quarter. This drop reflects a decrease in demand following the digital boom caused by the pandemic. However, the decline was not as severe as initially anticipated.

IDC further predicted a projected decrease of 10.3% in shipments for this year due to the unstable economic conditions. Despite surpassing expectations with just over 29.9 million units shipped, the market has yet to fully recover from the impact of COVID-19. The second quarter of 2019, which serves as a benchmark for pre-pandemic levels, still outperforms the current market state.

The report highlights that declines in shipments were observed across various regions, particularly in North America and Western Europe. Nevertheless, IDC suggests that a modest rebound is expected in the coming year.

Looking ahead, IDC envisions a gradual recovery beginning in 2024. As consumer demand regains strength and businesses transition to Windows 11 PCs, office monitor purchases are expected to rise. However, it may take until 2025 for shipment volumes to finally surpass those seen in 2019.

In summary, while the PC monitor market shows signs of improvement after facing adversity during the pandemic, a full recovery is still a work in progress. IDC’s insights provide valuable predictions for future developments in the industry.

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