Expanded Reservoir Target Discovered in MOU-4 Well

Predator Oil & Gas Holdings announced on Tuesday the successful completion of drilling and logging operations for the MOU-4 well in Morocco. This milestone has confirmed that the primary reservoir target extends even further than previously anticipated.

During the drilling process, the energy company discovered a significant 26.5-meter sand presence within the M1 Sand interval. Surprisingly, this interval had not been considered a reservoir target before. Pending the outcome of a wireline log analysis, there is a possibility that this interval could be remapped and reassessed, according to the company.

Furthermore, the Moulouya Fan, which is the primary reservoir target, has expanded the overall area of this feature to the southeast, surpassing the previously mapped limit.

Results from MOU-3 Well Reveal Potential Gas Sand

Alongside the progress made in the MOU-4 well, a wireline log analysis and reservoir characterization of the MOU-3 well have also provided promising findings. The analysis indicates the likelihood of 43 meters of gas sand, and more details regarding this discovery will be shared in the upcoming weeks.

Exciting Future Prospects

“We are incredibly pleased with the results we have achieved through our drilling efforts this year,” expressed Executive Chairman Paul Griffiths. He further shared that the company eagerly anticipates an extensive rigless testing program to accurately determine potential gas flow rates and volumes connected to the current inventory of wells.

As Predator Oil & Gas Holdings makes significant strides in their operations, they continue their commitment to unlocking the full potential of Morocco’s energy resources.

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