Kickoff is just four days away, and Costa Kladianos is leaving no stone unturned in his preparations for the upcoming game. As the executive vice president and head of technology for the San Francisco 49ers, he takes every game as seriously as a Super Bowl matchup. With nearly 72,000 fans expected to flood into Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, Kladianos is focused on ensuring a seamless experience for everyone in attendance.

A Game-Changing Approach

For Kladianos, streamlining operations is key. He understands that this game is not just any ordinary event – it’s the pinnacle of the season. To achieve excellence, he relies on cutting-edge technology and partnerships with tech giants such as SAP, Intel, and Cisco Systems.

With the goal of setting records in food, beverage, and merchandise sales, Kladianos knows that the first priority is getting fans inside the stadium efficiently. That’s where innovative apps like WaitTime come into play. Utilizing high-definition cameras, these applications provide real-time estimations of wait times at entry gates.

Fine-Tuning the Fan Experience

Beyond ensuring smooth entry, Kladianos and his team are meticulous in their attention to detail. From parking logistics to ticketing systems, from food and beverages to security measures, every aspect of the fan experience is carefully examined and optimized.

Reflecting on his role as the technology quarterback for the 49ers organization, Kladianos acknowledges the importance of data analysis. With data parsed in real time, he can identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions to enhance overall operations.

The Final Countdown

As kickoff approaches, Costa Kladianos remains focused on his mission to make this game day the best it can be. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and an all-star tech lineup behind him, he is ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way.

Game day at Levi’s Stadium promises to be a monumental event, where the San Francisco 49ers aim to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans. As the clock ticks down, Kladianos and his team are geared up to make history with exceptional food, beverage, and merchandise sales. So, get ready to witness football at its finest – the countdown to kickoff has begun.

SAP Executive Huddle: Revolutionizing Sports Operations

In an unprecedented move, the North American professional sports team has introduced SAP Executive Huddle, a cutting-edge operation that is set to redefine the industry. Leveraging the power of SAP’s analytics cloud, this unique initiative is based in a state-of-the-art suite at Levi’s Stadium, reminiscent of an air-traffic-control room, complete with refreshing beverages and an assortment of delectable snacks.

As part of this groundbreaking endeavor, the team has also integrated the use of an app aptly named HappyOrNot. The primary function of this application is to gather real-time feedback from fans on various aspects such as concession stands and restrooms. In the event that an issue arises, well-trained stadium employees swiftly take action to rectify the situation and ensure an exceptional fan experience.

Revolutionizing Fan Engagement with DropThought

To enhance their understanding of fan experiences further, the team has partnered with Bahwan CyberTek, the creators of the ingenious DropThought app. This innovative solution provides invaluable real-time data on parking, crowd flow, food quality, and the overall condition of luxury suites during games at both Levi’s Stadium and EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville.

Taking Fan Experience to New Heights

The Jacksonville Jaguars have also embraced the power of DropThought. Using this remarkable tool, they are now able to gauge the sentiments of approximately 4,000 staff members every Sunday. By analyzing this data, the team aims to continuously improve their performance and deliver an unparalleled guest experience, ultimately setting new standards within the industry.

Looking Towards the Future

As the San Francisco 49ers continue to refine their technological endeavors, they diligently document their experiences along the way. With Super Bowl LX scheduled to take place at Levi’s Stadium in 2026, this comprehensive approach to data analysis and enhanced fan engagement is poised to leave a lasting legacy.

Embracing a Digital Era

Gone are the days of relying solely on subjective observations and word of mouth. The introduction of these state-of-the-art applications and data-driven strategies has ushered in a new era in sports operations, forever altering the landscape of the industry. With this ongoing revolution, the San Francisco 49ers and their counterparts demonstrate their unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional fan experience in a rapidly evolving digital age.

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