Gulf Coast Ports

Recovery efforts are in progress as ports along the Gulf Coast of Florida remain closed after being battered by Hurricane Idalia. Ships are patiently awaiting the reopening of the port of Tampa, which in turn will allow them to access terminals operated by Chevron, Marathon, and Motiva, as indicated by ship scheduling data.

Atlantic Coast Ports in Florida

On the Atlantic side of Florida, the port of Jacksonville successfully reopened on Wednesday afternoon. Similarly, Port Everglades is fully operational and open for business. Port data reveals that a few jet fuel cargoes are expected to be delivered at Port Everglades on Thursday at the Valero terminal.

Port Conditions in Charleston, South Carolina

Moving up the Atlantic Coast, the port in Charleston, South Carolina, remains closed due to ongoing recovery efforts.

Land Operations in Port Savannah, Georgia

Although Port Savannah in Georgia is still closed, land operations are actively proceeding, with terminals open for business.

Hurricane Idalia’s Impact

The National Hurricane Center downgraded Idalia to a tropical storm as it continues its journey northbound across the Carolinas. Coastal flooding is predicted in North Carolina on Thursday due to the storm.

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