ResMed, a San Diego-based medical device company, has announced a series of C-suite appointments as part of its strategic shift towards prioritizing product development and brand focus.

Retirement of Rob Douglas

Effective January 1st, Rob Douglas, the President and Chief Operating Officer, will retire from his current role. However, he will continue to contribute as a special adviser to the CEO until the end of 2024.

Justin Leong: Chief Product Officer

Justin Leong, the former President for Asia and Latin America, has been appointed as the new Chief Product Officer. This move highlights ResMed’s commitment to enhancing its product offerings and innovation.

Katrin Pucknat: Marketing Chief

ResMed has appointed Katrin Pucknat, the current President for Germany, as the new Marketing Chief. With her extensive experience, Pucknat will play a crucial role in strengthening ResMed’s brand presence and marketing initiatives.

Mike Fliss: Chief Revenue Officer

To further bolster its revenue generation efforts, ResMed has named Mike Fliss, the Vice President for North American sales, as the new Chief Revenue Officer. Fliss’s expertise in driving sales growth will be instrumental in achieving ResMed’s financial goals.

Emphasis on Product, Customer, and Brand Values

Mick Farrell, the Chief Executive Officer of ResMed, explained that these executive reshufflings aim to ensure that product development, customer satisfaction, and brand values remain at the forefront of the company’s strategy. Farrell added that the success of their new operating model will be measured by increased product velocity, revenue growth, and stronger engagement with stakeholders.

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