Ruby Forex Expert Advisor is a relatively new automated Forex trading software developed in 2018. It’s designed to help novice and experienced traders to achieve huge profits in the Forex market from anywhere in the world.  Let’s find out if this robot can find its place in the best forex robots table.

The developers offer to us a fully automated trading solution presented on the well designed one-page website. There’s no information about the vendor. Therefore, we can’t be sure about their professionalism and experience in this field. Users are provided with features explanation, backtest report, and live test trading account to decide if Ruby EA is worth trying.

Ruby Forex EA Offering

PRICE$299 / $399 / $499


  • Basic – $299, 2 Accounts for 12 months
  • Advanced – $399, 3 Accounts for 18 months
  • Ultimate – $499, 4 Accounts for 24 months

We want to notice that Ruby EA is one of the few forex robots that are selling their product on a subscription basis. On the pros side, we are provided with a 30-day moneyback guarantee, but still, we don’t know what “get a refund if you are not satisfied” means.

Ruby Forex EA Trading Strategy

According to the Ruby EA website, the trading system uses undisclosed long term trading strategy. The developers claim that it doesn’t use scalping and hedging strategies. We can make sure that it’s true looking at its live trading statistics below.

ruby ea trading statistics

As we can see Ruby EA really trying to make only long term investment decisions. However, we don’t know anything about how these decisions being made. Thus, we can assume that Ruby EA is showing a pretty low level of transparency.

ruby ea backtest

The backtest of this strategy with a 15% risk you can see on the screenshot above. The profit factor was 7.07. The win rate was about 92.43% for longs and 90.8% shorts. The maximal DD was 9.88%.

Trading Results

Let’s take a look at the real data. The robot has been applied to the real USD account with the $1000 deposit, PaxForex as a brokerage company trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account was deployed in October 2019. During half a year, it could manage to grow the balance to $3987.

ruby ea trading results chart

The robot has traded 47 deals with 425 pips. The average win-rate across the trades is 94%. The average trade length is 14 hours. The profit factor is very solid and equals 6.37.

Drawdown percentage is very high (63%) and caused by the last trades. So we can only wait to check whether the robot can show stable results over the long run.

High profitability
Verified live trading results
Low minimum deposit
Lack of transparency
Unknown strategy
Lack of customer feedback
Ruby Forex EA is a great trading system that can show impressive results. But there's no information about the vendor, and it was launched just half a year ago. We can't recommend this system to our readers until we make sure that the robot can guarantee high returns for at least a year.

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