Members of SAG-AFTRA are preparing for Halloween with a twist this year as the union imposes new restrictions for the holiday. While the actors’ strike continues to demand higher pay, better residuals, and increased protections against artificial intelligence, the union has released guidelines for Halloween costumes to ensure members do not inadvertently violate strike rules.

The Ongoing Strike

SAG-AFTRA actors have been on strike since July, aiming to secure improved conditions in their industry. Despite the Writers Guild of America reaching an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the actors’ strike remains unresolved. The AMPTP recently announced the suspension of talks with SAG-AFTRA after assessing the union’s latest proposal.

Halloween Costume Guidelines

To promote unity and make a statement to the struck employers, SAG-AFTRA has provided “quick tips on the do’s and don’ts for costumes.” Members are urged not to wear costumes representing characters from productions affiliated with companies such as Netflix, Walt Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount Global, and Instead, the union encourages members to embrace more general and traditional Halloween characters like ghosts, zombies, and spiders.

Let’s continue using our collective power to send a strong message that we will not support our struck employers without a fair contract. Together, we can make a difference.

The Strained Relationship Between AMPTP and SAG-AFTRA

The AMPTP, which represents big studios, has not responded to a request for comment from SAG-AFTRA. This lack of response highlights the strain in the relationship between the two entities.

In a statement last week, the AMPTP acknowledged the significant gap between themselves and SAG-AFTRA. Despite meaningful conversations, these discussions have failed to move them in a productive direction.

In its earnings report, Netflix assured that negotiations with SAG-AFTRA are still ongoing, while announcing a resolved agreement with the WGA. The streaming giant expressed its commitment to swiftly addressing the remaining issues, allowing everyone to resume work on movies and TV shows that audiences will love.

As investors and actors eagerly await further updates on the strikes as earnings reports roll in, one thing is certain—Hollywood will see fewer Disney princess and Star Wars costumes this year.

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