A recent recall has been issued for approximately 6,400 Secura air fryers sold on various websites, including Amazon. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that these air fryers, which were available for purchase between May 2019 and October 2020 for up to $90, may pose a fire and burn hazard.

The cause of the risk is identified as a faulty wire connection within the air fryers. This flaw can result in overheating, leading to potential fire incidents and burns. Fortunately, while there have been nine reported cases of the air fryers catching fire and emitting smoke, there have been no reported injuries or property damage thus far.

Secura, the manufacturer of these air fryers, made a public statement acknowledging the issue and expressing their commitment to consumer safety. The company has set up a dedicated website to handle all inquiries related to the recall. In their statement, they explain that the recall is a precautionary measure taken to eliminate the safety risks associated with the affected air fryers.

The recall specifically involves Secura air fryers with the model number SAF-53D (TXG-DT16E) and date code 1901, as well as fryers with the model number SAF-53 (TXG-DS16) and date codes 1903 and 1904. These appliances are easily identifiable as they are black with silver accents and bear the name “Secura” at the top of each unit. Additionally, the model number and four-digit date code can be found on silver labels at the bottom of each product.

In light of this recall, individuals who own one of these affected air fryers are urged to cease using it immediately. To address the issue, Secura is offering customers the choice between a $45 Amazon gift card or a free replacement from a selection of Secura products. The company will cover the shipping costs associated with these replacements.

It is important to note that even if an individual’s air fryer appears to be functioning normally and without any obvious safety concerns, Secura advises all customers to discontinue use without hesitation.

Your safety is our priority, and this recall serves as a proactive step to ensure the well-being of our valued customers.

Claiming Your Amazon Gift Card or Replacement Product

How to Submit Your Information

There are two options for submitting your information:

Receiving Your Replacement

If you are eligible for a replacement, the company will ship your new product within six to eight weeks. Rest assured that the company is committed to ensuring a smooth resolution for you.

Additional Resources

For further information, you can visit the company’s recall site or explore the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) site. Keep in mind that Secura will also be reaching out to all known purchasers of the affected air fryers.

Previous Air-Fryer Recalls

It’s worth noting that this is not the first air-fryer recall. Earlier this year, the CPSC recalled over 2 million Cosori air fryers due to overheating risks and potential fire hazards. Various Cosori air-fryer models sold on major platforms like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Home Depot were involved in this recall. Fortunately, the reported incidents only resulted in minor injuries and property damage.

In a similar vein, last year Best Buy recalled 635,000 Insignia Air Fryers and Air Fryer Ovens following multiple reports of fires, burns, and melting. The incidents caused minor property damage and two reports of injury, including one involving a child’s leg.

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