Snappy Kraken burst onto the scene in 2016, with a clear mission to revolutionize the way financial advisors approach digital marketing. Unlike anything else in the industry, this innovative company injects a much-needed burst of color into the traditionally conservative world of financial services.

Recognizing the glaring need for effective marketing strategies, CEO Robert Sofia explains, “Financial advisors required a partner who could provide them with the necessary education, tools, and engaging content. Unfortunately, there were few viable options available.”

Enter Snappy Kraken, a true “martech” powerhouse specializing in marketing for advisors. Their comprehensive suite of services covers every angle of promotional efforts, from audience building and engagement to converting leads and acquiring referrals.

Based in Ormond Beach, Florida, Snappy Kraken now serves a staggering 7,000 advisors nationwide. These advisors collectively manage approximately $1 trillion in assets. The company reveals that around 70% of its clientele consists of registered investment advisors, while the remaining are primarily brokers. Additionally, there is a small subset of insurance agents who also benefit from Snappy Kraken’s expertise.

Recently, the company achieved a significant milestone by gaining admission to LPL Financial’s Vendor Affinity Program. This exclusive program curates a list of approved service providers for the independent broker-dealer’s 22,000 affiliated advisors. While LPL had already utilized Snappy Kraken as a vendor for website development, this expanded partnership grants advisors access to Snappy Kraken’s complete range of marketing services – a true coup for the company.

CEO Robert Sofia acknowledges the impact of this achievement, stating, “This is undoubtedly the most substantial broker-dealer relationship we have cultivated.”

Among Snappy Kraken’s standout offerings is their premium service known as Freedom360. Described as a comprehensive, fully-managed marketing system, this offering has yielded remarkable results compared to their a la carte tools.

Clients who have upgraded to the Freedom360 package have experienced a staggering 330% increase in lead generation opt-ins and an impressive 200% growth in appointment booking requests. Sofia emphasizes, “We’re comparing these results specifically against our base products. It’s not about competing with others – it’s about utilizing our full system.”

Snappy Kraken continues to disrupt the industry by empowering financial advisors with cutting-edge marketing solutions. With their dynamic approach and proven results, advisors across the country are finding greater success than ever before.

Snappy Kraken: Revolutionizing Marketing for Financial Advisors

In the competitive world of financial advising, standing out from the crowd is crucial. That’s where Snappy Kraken comes in. With their innovative platform, Freedom360, Snappy Kraken offers a range of tools designed to optimize an advisor’s website for search engine visibility and orchestrate targeted marketing campaigns.

According to Sofia, the company’s founder, advisors using Snappy Kraken’s a la carte tools typically run about 1.5 campaigns a month. However, with Freedom360, users can expect to run an average of four campaigns per month. The reason for this significant increase? “Because we’re doing it for them,” Sofia explains. This means that advisors can focus on what they do best while Snappy Kraken handles their marketing activities.

While Snappy Kraken works with a variety of firms, from large RIAs like Mariner Wealth Advisors and Carson Group to smaller practices, they particularly excel in serving RIA aggregators. These aggregators acquire multiple firms but don’t force them to adopt a new corporate identity. This creates a unique challenge for the marketing teams within these practices, as they must customize campaigns for various brands. Snappy Kraken’s platform solves this problem by automating much of the process. As Sofia puts it, “The marketing department can go nuts trying to create all the marketing for all the different brands, but our system does that for you.”

While Snappy Kraken has seen success in the RIA market, they have yet to fully penetrate the wirehouse sector, which includes large national brokerages. But Sofia sees this as a future goal for the company. “We do hope eventually to open up that market,” he says confidently.

As for the name Snappy Kraken itself, Sofia explains that it was deliberately chosen to stand out in an industry known for more traditional and conservative branding. “As a marketer, I wanted to have a name that was unique and memorable,” Sofia says. “And I wanted to have fun with it because there’s an opportunity in our industry to be a little looser.”

In summary, Snappy Kraken is revolutionizing marketing for financial advisors with their powerful platform, Freedom360. By automating campaign customization and offering a wide range of tools, they enable advisors to increase their marketing activity significantly. While they have yet to break into the wirehouse market, their success with RIAs and RIA aggregators demonstrates their expertise in the industry. And with a name like Snappy Kraken, they definitely stand out from the crowd.

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